Zoosk Reviews – Zoosk Dating Site

Zoosk Reviews – Zoosk Dating Site

Since its launch in 2007, Zoosk has attracted 50 million individuals from 60 different countries, making it the largest social dating site in the world.


On Zoosk

Popular online dating site Zoosk matches you with folks who share your interests by learning from your clicks. To deliver better matches, its Behavioral MatchmakingTM system is constantly learning from the activities of over 40 million members. It is the industry leader in mobile dating. It is a worldwide online dating service that can be accessed in over 80 countries and is available in 25 different languages.

One of the most distinctive and useful aspects of its subscription is its dating insights reports. The following are some of the main benefits:

  • It gives you a real insight into your dating preferences—and even your own personality—helping you learn more about who you are and the types of people you enjoy dating.
  • It expedites and streamlines the decision-making process and occasionally serves as a real eye-opener.

Why the website gathers more data and offers you more insights when you use it more frequently.

You can smile at or like someone’s profile on Zoosk to initiate contact.


A member can also get a text message from you.

If you really admire someone, you can even give them a virtual gift.

Who uses Zoosk?

The dating service has made it incredibly easy to set up an account, interact with other users, and look for potential matches.

With the 40 million users listed above in up to 80 countries and support for 25 languages, it’s simple to meet someone special abroad, while on vacation, or wherever you want to date in your own tongue.

There are only those two gender possibilities, and its key demographics are split between 48 percent male and 52 percent female, with typical ages of 27 and 24, respectively.

It is a great dating site for ladies who seek a variety of options because it has an unusually nearly equal mix of men and women compared to other dating websites (others have an overwhelming majority of male users).

It is also welcoming to gay, lesbian, and queer people, with a wide range of ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds depending on the region.

Open, polyamorous, or non-monogamic partnerships are not options, although it seems that this community will be targeted in the future.

But use caution when interpreting that big user base:

Of the 40 million profiles, a large portion seems to be fraudulent or dead. However, it provides a huge selection of success tales (including adorable pictures!) If the person of your dreams doesn’t respond to your message, just convince yourself it’s probably because they haven’t signed on in two years (opens in a new tab).

How Do You Use Zoosk?

Here are my top three qualities.

The photo verification mechanism enables users to genuinely confirm that they resemble the photos they’re uploading to their profile in order to prevent falling for a catfish.

The website will use its SmartPickTM AI technology to match you with potential dates once you answer a few questions about your dating “requirements” and continue using it. One of its best features is its matchmaking engine, which helps you identify the best matches and can speed up your at-home swipes.

It’s good to know that it takes its features seriously and enables you to locate exactly what you’re looking for given that more of us are staying in and forgoing “traditional” dates.

There are three ways to find a match:

Behavioral matching is related to machine learning in the dating world.

In order to give you more precise answers in the future, the algorithm learns your preferences, loves and dislikes.

It is one of the most intricate methods of matching and is well-acknowledged to be quite powerful. Each day, one match will be sent to you by Zoosk, which you can accept or reject.

You can actively search Zoosk’s database for matches if you prefer a more hands-on method of dating. It’s easy; you just need to browse the profiles till you discover one you like. To decide whether to proceed, you can view the profile images, ages, and locations of other users. There are possibilities for quick messages if you are (discussed further below in the communications section). To get more targeted results, you may also focus your search by using parameters like age, location, distance, ethnicity, and relationship status.

  • Carousel

With the help of this rapid match feature, you can swiftly browse a lot of profiles.

By choosing Yes, No, or Maybe, you can swipe through dozens of profiles every minute and be presented with a profile image.

If you’re strong at making snap judgments, go with this strategy since it allows you to see several profiles.

To express your interest in a member, you can star them as well.

They must then decide what to do next.

Please be aware that after a certain number of views, you must pay with virtual coins to use the restricted carousel searching option.

How to Register with Zoosk

The signup form is conveniently located at the top of Zoosk.com, which scores an A+ from me—a person who despises doing research and a former project manager who appreciates attractive website design.

Compared to other dating websites and apps, the signup process is comparatively quick—less than a minute. You can go back and spend more time filling out additional information about yourself at any moment if you want a more comprehensive profile and better search results. The first step is easy to follow:

  • Name, email address, and birthday are the first three things that Zoosk will ask you.
  • Next, you must input your location.
  • After that, add a picture from your computer or a Google+ or Facebook account.
  • After you have verified your account by email, you are ready to start.
  • Add extra personal information, such as your body type, race, and level of education.

How Can You Use a Free Zoosk Trial?

The good news is that you can immediately join up for a free trial if you’re willing to give it a try.

You don’t have to wait; just find out what the members are really like.

You may get a fair idea of who is using it and is willing to meet you by looking through profiles.

You can make your own profile, post your finest photos, and see who else is interested in you once you sign up.

Much better, you may search through other users in addition to browsing profiles and sending an unlimited number of likes and smiles.

Additionally, you will receive daily matches and have the opportunity to buy coins if you want to take advantage of advantages like updating your profile or sending a virtual gift.

There are no fees!

So why not create a free Zoosk account today and start looking for individuals nearby?

This is a free access offer to the site, so you may browse the users and get a feel for it without having to shell out money. If you like what you see, you can subscribe to utilize the SmarkPick feature fully, send and read messages, and know who has viewed your profile. Try it out and discover what online dating with Zoosk is like now.

What Is Included in the Zoosk Free Trial?

Additionally, Zoosk offers free subscriptions that provide users access to the Carousel and Behavioral Matchmaking features as well as limitless manual searches.

You can browse the website and check who is online nearby with a free subscription. The only other option is to see which users have expressed interest in your profile. You must upgrade to a paid membership in order to engage with others and make contact. Additionally, you may buy Zoosk coins, the website’s virtual currency, which you can use to advertise your profile and buy virtual “gifts” for other users.

What Is the Price of Zoosk?

The cost of Zoosk is quite standard for the dating industry nowadays. It costs $29.99 for a one-month subscription if you want to try it out first. To optimize your savings, if you like the service, you should subscribe for a full 6-month period at the discounted rate of $12.49 a month. There is no benefit to making a 12-month commitment because the monthly fee is the same as a 6-month plan. By doing it this way, you’ll save 50% and get the chance to try it out before making a full commitment.


Duration Price per Month Price Per Year
1 Month $29.95 $359.40
3 Months $19.98 $59.95
6 Months $12.49 $74.95
12 Months $12.49 $149.88

Zoosk Dollars

The coins can be used to buy gifts like a digital teddy bear for 25 coins, a digital box of chocolates for 20, or a digital cocktail. For 150 coins, you may also purchase 75 boosts, which can truly make your profile stand out. For $19.99, 480 coins cost $39.99, and 1,800 coins cost $99.99.

To boost your profile, use the super-smart Zoosk Boost feature. Using Zoosk coins to purchase Boost can help you stand out and be noticed on Zoosk in a variety of areas, including messages from other users and the Carousel (the search tool). The coins can be bought or obtained through a variety of actions like installing the mobile app or becoming a Facebook follower.

What do you lack?

Without paying a membership fee, your options are somewhat limited. You will not be able to send messages, engage in group chats with other users, or connect with those who have viewed your profile, even though you can see who is available in your area. Additionally, Zoosk’s “SmartPick” behavioral matchmaking, which suggests partners for you based on your tastes and behavior, will no longer be available to you.

Your choices are taken into account by Zoosk’s matchmaking engine when creating the “carousel” feature that welcomes you to the site, ensuring that you see only the best possible matches. To take full advantage of this sophisticated dating technology, a premium subscription is necessary.

Travel the World from the Convenience of Your Own Home with Zoosk Great Dates

Late in 2021, Zoosk Great Dates, its newest dating service, made its debut.

Since it became more well-known as a result of COVID, it has been working to enhance everyone’s experience with virtual dating.

Great Dates is a virtual dating service that offers a fun virtual city tour for you and your date.

The following services are provided by Zoosk Great Dates:

  • Online excursions to Kyoto, Athens, and Naples (more cities will become available later on)
  • On-demand access to a private tour guide for you and your date
  • The next course of action will be decided by you and your date.
  • You’ll think of great conversation starters with your date.

The entire interactive video date aims to promote dialogue and deepen your relationship with your date (no more awkward video calls).

Access to Zoosk Great Dates is available to anybody with a Zoosk Premium membership.

Try it out right now to give your date a memorable and thrilling experience.

Cons and Benefits

Here are a few benefits and drawbacks.


  • Personalized dating advice and statistics
  • Behavioral equivalence

Cons of the Zoosk Insignia system’s added security


  • Purchases of advanced features are required.
  • No video chat option

App Zoosk

Additionally, it has a mobile app that enables you to stay in touch with people all day long.

Some of the highlights are as follows:

Additionally, it has a mobile app that enables you to stay in touch with people all day long. Some of the highlights are as follows:

  • The Zoosk messenger app is helpful if you want a more informal dating experience because it’s simple to look for and quickly sift through profiles. It also makes the initial contact more quicker and less uncomfortable by allowing you to send SMS messages to anyone on the network.
  • There is also a “Super Send” tool that enables you to send messages to multiple users at once.
  • By connecting your Zoosk profile to your Facebook account, you can receive notifications about your account in your news feed, such as when a potential match updates their profile, uploads photos, or engages in other activity.
  • You can choose from a list of icebreakers that have already been chosen and will be shown to a variety of people, allowing them to gauge interest, give feedback, and ultimately start a deeper conversation.
  • Another helpful tool is SmartPick, which uses technology to choose matches for you based on compatibility and your past likes.

Match vs. Zoosk

Two industry leaders in online dating are Zoosk and Match.

Match was the first reputable dating service to enter the market and has more than 20 years of experience. On the other side, Zoosk’s Behavioral Matchmaking algorithm has revolutionized online dating.

The match is also a good resource to use, and Zoosk is a top-notch dating app that links you with millions of gorgeous singles.

With more options to enjoy and genuine people to connect with, Match is noticeably more user-friendly.

If you want to meet people who want to get to know you and have meaningful conversations with you, joining Match is your best option.

In contrast, Zoosk is a little less expensive than Match and has features and profile options that are custom-made to help you find the perfect short-term or long-term relationship.

Both of these dating gurus should be able to help you find the ideal partner.

Tinder vs. Zoosk

These two industry leaders in online dating have just as many differences as they do similarities. Only available as a smartphone app, Tinder, for instance, maintains its image as a tool for unplanned or casual encounters with its straightforward user interface of “swipe, message, repeat.”

For instance, there is a selfie requirement for new users during the photo verification process.

This lessens your likelihood of connecting with a spammer or robot by proving that you are who you claim to be.

Insignia by Zoosk, a revolutionary new verification mechanism, was introduced in 2022.

A further line of defense against con artists pretending as US military personnel is provided by Zoosk Insignia.

Members who provide valid documentation proving their status in the US military will receive a military verification badge, which will be shown on their profile. It also has a stringent anti-harassment policy and makes blocking someone who is bothering you or acting inappropriately straightforward.

A useful online dating safety guide is also available on Zoosk. There is a whole chunk of it devoted to giving suggestions on how to make dating safer and more enjoyable for everyone. It offers good guidance on how to protect your profile, communicate online, meet in person, and even spot con artists.

How to Strengthen Your Dating Profile on Zoosk

Create a Successful Profile

Your dating profile is how the world of online dating gets its first impression of you. On Zoosk, you may quickly and easily create a profile (also known as a Date Card) and then add to it when you have more time. When you come back to it, Zoosk will prompt you to answer a few questions about yourself and your ideal match in order to complete your profile.

Make your dating profile stand out by include as much information as possible to increase your chances of finding a compatible match.

Select the Best Pictures

We do indeed live on a finite planet.

We all first glance at the profile photo before reading the profile.

You must carefully choose the kind of photo you want to include in your profile because they are so important.

Use an attractive shot, but stay away from a Kim Kardashian-style “selfie” in the bathroom. You should also include pictures of you having fun and engaging in activities you like.

To have a variety of postures and environments, upload a number of photographs.

Promote Yourself

It stands out from other dating services because it combines the greatest features of social networking and dating.

Increasing the amount of individuals who see your profile by using social media can boost your chances of finding the right match.

Participate in Zoosk’s community forums to share dating advice and get amazing recommendations (not to mention get your profile seen).

Comments made on the forums are added to your Zoosk status feed, which is visible to local singles on both the Zoosk front page and your Date Card.

Engage your friends in this

Another benefit of Zoosk is that you may ask your friends to provide reviews of you that potential matches can see. In this way, your friends can serve as your virtual “wingmen.”

Since they are the ones who know you best, your friends are able to brag about you in ways that you would be ashamed to do on your own.

Help & Support for Zoosk

It has an extensive help section including a searchable FAQ section.

Through one of its social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Instagram, you can speak with a customer service representative directly.

Obtain a Mate on Zoosk

It is a free dating app with more than 40 million attractive singles to choose from for casual or committed relationships.

Online dating service Zoosk provides a simple system and compatible matches for those looking for love. This is without a doubt my preferred dating app due to its simplicity and dating pool. I should have started using this app as soon as it started showing up in my social media advertising.

How can my Zoosk account be made inactive or deleted?

If you wish to take a break from online dating, you can hide your profile by deactivating your account. You can temporarily block Zoosk from seeing your profile by pausing, but your profile, connections, and message history will still be there when you resume. Learn how to put your account on hold.

If you are a subscriber, you must first cancel your membership in order to delete your account. If you are not a subscriber and want to deactivate your account, please follow the guidelines below.

Deleting the account on your computer

  • Open a web browser, go to www.zoosk.com, and log in with your Zoosk credentials.
  • Choose Settings from the left-side menu.
  • From the Account drop-down menu, select Account Status.
  • Deactivate Account should be chosen.
  • Click Deactivate in the bottom-left corner of the screen. You will then get a confirmation page as a result.
  • To confirm your choice, click Deactivate Your Zoosk Account.
  • Deleting your Zoosk account using the Android app on your phone
  • Open the Zoosk app on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Click the three-line menu in the top-left portion of the screen.
  • Click the gear icon next to your given name.
  • Choose Account.
  • Click the pencil in the Account Status box.
  • Choose Deactivate and adhere to the on-screen instructions.

FAQs About Zoosk

Does Facebook own Zoosk?

Since you don’t need a Facebook account to meet people on Zoosk, it’s ironic that it first launched as a Facebook app in 2007.

Due to its photo verification system, it is regarded as one of the safest dating applications.

What age range does Zoosk serve?

Although it is not only for seniors, it actively promotes its growing membership of people over 50 (“Zoosk Elders”) and is a well-liked app for senior online dating.

Is Zoosk a hookup app?

Just a hookup service, then? Zoosk is more than just a hookup app.

Having said that, a sizable portion of users on the site are looking for casual partners. Many people are likewise searching for more committed and meaningful relationships.

 What is the success rate of Zoosk?

Our crew gave Zoosk a 4.6-star rating because they are technologically advanced; whether you want a casual date or a committed relationship, online dating couldn’t be easier.

How do I get into my account? Zoosk’s Login

Using the web browser on your phone or touch device

  • Open the mobile web browser, go to t.zoosk.com, and log into your Zoosk account.
  • Tap on your profile picture and Zoosk display name.


A fun and easy-to-use dating service called Zoosk may be able to assist you in finding the appropriate match. You have a strong possibility of finding someone special because there have been over 30 million app downloads and there are over 40 million people in the database. I had been hearing a lot about this well-known website, so I was excited to check it out.