Search History: Easy Ways to View or Delete on Chrome & More

Search History Delete
Search History Delete

Search History – Most online browsers save your website history, allowing you to go back and see which sites you visited and what you searched for on search engines.

You can also delete your search history to clear it out or prevent others from viewing the websites you visited.

In all online browsers, seeing and erasing search history is simple.

Do you wish to go back to a webpage or website you visited a while ago but can’t remember how?

Perhaps you discovered a URL on your phone and are now having difficulty finding it on your PC.

Fortunately, Google keeps track of every webpage and link you’ve ever visited.

You can utilise the history feature to find any webpage you’ve visited and return to it as if it had never vanished into cyberspace.

Here’s how to make use of Google’s search history feature.

Viewing Your Google Search History with Your Google Account

You may see your Google account history from any browser-enabled device, such as a Windows PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet.

The procedure is simple because you only need your username and password.

What you must do is as follows:

1. Navigate to the “Google” homepage.

In the top right corner, click on your “profile icon.”

You may need to first log in.

2. Navigate to “Manage your Google Account.”

3. Click on the “Data & Privacy” tab.

Scroll down to the section “Things you’ve done and places you’ve been.”

4. Select “My Activity” from the drop-down menu.

5. Scroll down the screen to use the general search box or the Filter by date & product option (Android, Maps, YouTube, and so on), or browse by date and time.

When you use the various view options above, you will see a list of websites, apps, and updates for all devices associated with your Google Account.

You can use the “search bar” to find specific activities, apps, or websites. Sorting by date, date range, and apps are among the “filtered options.”

The above activity page recalls everything you’ve done with your Google account since the previous time you erased the history, if at all.

Viewing Your Google Search History on Android

Despite the fact that the procedure is comparable to seeing your Chrome history on a computer or phone, the option is not available in the settings. Here’s how to go about it.

1. Launch the “Chrome” app and enter “” without quotation marks into the address bar or search box.

2. Scroll down until you reach the “Search your activity” box. Search, apply filters, or scroll down to display your browsing history from there.

Viewing Your Google Search History on an iPhone or iPad

Although Google does an excellent job of optimising its products, the instructions for iOS users are rather different.

Here’s how to get your search history back:

1. Launch the “Chrome” app and touch on the “gear icon” (Settings) at the bottom of the screen, next to “discover.”

2. Select “Manage Activity.”

3. Use the search box or apply filters at the top of the page. You can also view complete history by scrolling down the page.

Overall, the Google Account history function can be useful if you can’t remember the name of a specific website you want to revisit or if you need to locate a specific page from a website you visited.

Google saves everything for you, and you can go back to any link at any moment.

You can also clean your Google search history to remove your whereabouts, device updates, and other stuff.

How to quick-delete your Google search history from the last 15 minutes

Google introduced a new option to clear your recent search history at its I/O conference in 2021.

There’s no need to be concerned if you cringed after typing something into Google Search on your phone.

Google provides a convenient way to remove your search history from the last 15 minutes in the app.

(And your search history isn’t the only information Google has on file for you.

Here’s a detailed guide to seeing Google’s record of your online behaviour and limiting the amount of personal information it can track.)

This quick-delete function, which the search engine giant announced at its Google I/O developers conference in 2021, is one of several alternatives aimed to preserve user privacy.

1. To access your menu, tap on your profile image.

2. Select the Delete last 15 minutes option.

That’s all!

After that, Google will delete all of your search history from the past quarter-hour.

How to View, Search and Delete History in Chrome

In Chrome, use Ctrl+H to access your history.

In a new tab, the history shows on a complete page, sorted by time.

Mobile users should select History from the three-button menu.

In Chrome, you may view search history by using the search box at the top of the History page.

Simply begin typing, and your search history will be automatically sorted to reveal only the items that match your search.

To find the search box on the Chrome mobile app, hit the search icon at the top.

If you locate a section of your Chrome search history that you want to keep but want to remove anything specific, tap the three-dotted button next to that item and then select Remove from history.

By touching the little x to the right, mobile users can delete a single webpage from their history.

Another method is to wipe your Chrome search history all at once.

1. Continue to use the History tab.

2. Open a new window and select Clear browsing data, then select Browsing history.

3. Change the Time range setting to whatever works best for you, then click Clear data to eliminate your browsing and search history.

The Chrome app for mobile devices works in the same way: on the History page, click the Clear browsing data link to see the identical screen as seen above.

How to View, Search, and Delete Microsoft Edge History

The Ctrl+H keyboard shortcut opens Edge’s history.

The items are displayed on the right side of the screen in chronological order.

Tap the three-dotted menu button at the bottom of the mobile app, then select History.

Each item in your Edge history has an x next to it that you may click to delete it from the History page immediately.

When using the mobile app, press and hold an item to reveal the Delete option.

You can also remove your whole search history in a single action.

1. Select Clear browsing data from the left menu of Edge’s list of your search history.

2. Check that Browsing history is one of the items selected.

3. Choose Clear Now.

On the History screen of the Edge mobile app, pick the trash icon at the top and then Clear. Before deleting, choose Browsing history.

How to View, Search and Delete History in Internet Explorer

Using the same Ctrl+H shortcut as Edge, you may view your Internet Explorer history. On the right, a panel opens with a list of history search items and webpages that may be sorted by date, site, and other criteria.

Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer and suggests upgrading to the newer Edge browser. Go to their website to get the most recent version.

To remove an item from your IE search history pane, right-click it and select Delete.

Simply select Delete from the menu.

To clear your Internet Explorer history, press Ctrl+Shift+Del on your keyboard.

When you see this screen, check the History box and then press Delete.

How to View, Search and Delete History in Firefox

To view all of your Firefox search and browser history, press Ctrl+H on your keyboard.

The History panel appears on the left side of Firefox by default, grouped by day, but it may be configured to display history by site and frequency of usage.

Tap the three-button menu and select History on the Firefox mobile app.

To look through your search history and the websites you’ve visited, type something into the search box above the Firefox history list.

In Firefox, deleting a single web page or search result from your history is as simple as right-clicking it and selecting Delete Page.

If you’re using the mobile app, hold down the button and then pick Remove.

The Clear All History menu in Firefox allows you to delete all of your history.

1. Use the Ctrl+Shift+Del keyboard shortcut to get there.

2. Select Browsing & Download History and Form & Search History from the list, then click Clear Now.

3. To clean only recent history, modify the Time range to clear choice from Everything to anything else.

You may also remove the web search history in the Firefox mobile app by selecting CLEAR BROWSING HISTORY from the History screen.

How to View, Search and Delete History in Safari

To access your Safari history, go to History > Show All History at the top of the browser. All of your most recent visits are shown on a single page, organised by day. Tap the bookmarks icon at the bottom of the mobile app, followed by the clock icon at the top.

View your Safari history from the History page.

Start entering into the text box at the top of the page, and the results will appear very immediately.

To erase a single search history item from Safari, locate it and right-click it to see the Delete option.

You can also erase an entire day’s worth of history.

Mobile Safari users can delete history items selectively by sliding to the left and then tapping Delete.

To clear all search history in Safari, go to the History page and click the Clear History option.

Select how much history to clear — the last hour, today, today and yesterday, or all history — and then click Clear History.

The Clear button at the bottom of the History page in the Safari app also allows you to wipe all of your history.

How to View, Search and Delete History in Opera

You may view your Opera web history by pressing Ctrl+H.

The history list appears in a new History tab.

If you’re using the mobile app, pick History after tapping the Opera menu symbol at the bottom.

There is a search box at the top of the History page in Opera that you can use to search through old search history items and explore websites you’ve already opened. Simply start typing and wait for the results to appear.

To erase specific search history items in Opera, hover your mouse over the item to be deleted and then click the x to the right.

If you’re using the mobile app, select Delete from the three-dotted menu to the right of the item.

With the Clear browsing data option, you may also wipe all of your Opera history from the same page.

After that, make sure Browsing History is chosen and the Time range is set correctly, and then press Clear data.

The Opera app makes it a little easier to delete all of your history.

Simply click the trash can icon at the top of the History page.

How to View, Search and Delete History in Yandex

Your Yandex search history, like that of most browsers, is available using the Ctrl+H keyboard shortcut.

Locate the search box in the upper-right corner of the page after opening the search history in Yandex.

If your browser window is too small to see it, you may need to scroll.

Enter the search word and press Enter to view the matching search history.

When it comes to erasing a specific page from your history, Yandex works similarly to Chrome: hover your mouse over the item to be erased, press the tiny arrow, and then select Remove from history.

To clear all of your history in Yandex, click the Clear history link to the right of your history entries.

Select Views after determining how far back the search history should be removed.

To clear everything, choose Clear.

The Yandex browsing and search history can be removed from the mobile app via the menus.

Tap the bottom menu and select Settings, followed by Clear data.

Before tapping Clear data, select History.

Delete your Bing search history.

1. Access your Microsoft account.

2. Select Search history from the three bars next to your login.

3. Select View and Delete Search History before proceeding to a new site.

4. Re-log in.

5. You’ll be taken to a new page after logging in.

Clear Search History by clicking View.

6. From the left menu, select Search.

7. Either delete each item separately or click the Clear activity icon in the upper-right corner.

8. On the pop-up alert, click Clear.

That is how you remove all Bing searches.

However, to prevent Microsoft from remembering your future searches, you must use InPrivate windows in Edge.

Private browsing options are only one method for staying secure when browsing.

Clear your Yahoo! Search history

Clearing all of your Yahoo searches is simple and uncomplicated.

Simply sign in, go to your preferences, and remove your searches.

1. Access Yahoo.

2. From the Yahoo search page, click the Settings button in the upper-right corner.

3. Click Search History on the far left.

4. To delete an item, click the garbage can next to it.

5. To remove your complete search history, select Clear History, then Delete in the pop-up that appears.

6. To prevent Yahoo from saving your search history in the future, click Turn History Off.

How to clear your browsing and search history on mobile

Clearing your search history on Google, Bing, or Yahoo! accounts also removes it from your mobile devices.

However, you may need to erase your mobile browsing history separately.

Here’s how to clear your mobile device’s history:

Delete iPad and iPhone browsing and search history

You may clean your iPhone or iPad’s browsing and search history at the same time if you use Safari.

Only other browsers allow you to clear them individually.

On iOS, follow these steps to remove both your browsing and search history:

1. Open the Safari app.

2. On the bottom toolbar, tap the open book symbol.

3. Then, in the upper right, tap the clock.

4. Deleting individual items is as simple as clicking the X to the right of each link.

5. Tap the Clear option at the bottom of the list to clear everything, including cookies.

6. Choose how far back you want to delete and you’re done.

You may further customise your Safari experience by blocking Safari pop-ups while you’re in the settings.

Clear your Google Play Search History

1. Launch Google Play.

2. Tap the blue circle with your initials or profile photo to the right of the search bar.

Select Settings.

3. To expand the menu, click the arrow to the right of General. Then select Account and device settings.

4. Scroll to the bottom and select Clear device search history.

5. Tap Clear history to confirm.

How to clear your YouTube history on the YouTube website

1. Access your YouTube account.

2. Navigate to History by clicking the three bars in the upper right corner.

3. Delete individual movies by hovering your cursor over the title and hitting the X icon on the right.

4. To delete everything, go to the left and hit Clear All Watch History, then approve a second time on the subsequent pop-up.

5. In the same menu, pause your watch history.

6. On the left, click Search history.

7. Delete specific search results or all search results at once.

How to clear your YouTube history on the YouTube mobile site

1. Open the YouTube app on your phone and sign in.

2. Tap the person icon in the upper menu to access your account.

3. Select History.

4. To erase a specific video from your history, hit the three dots next to it, then select Remove from Watch history.

5. To erase or pause your watch history, press the Clear All Watch History or Pause Watch History icons at the top.

6. Confirm your selection in the pop-up window that displays.

7. Select the Search History option to remove specific items or your full search history.

How to clear your YouTube history in the YouTube app

1. Launch the YouTube app and ensure that you are logged in.

2. At the bottom of the screen, tap Library.

3. Select History.

4. To erase individual videos, tap the three dots next to an item and then select Remove from Watch history.

5. Tap the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen, then History controls, to remove everything.

6. Confirm by tapping Pause watch history and Pause search history.

7. Confirm by tapping Clear watch history and Clear search history.

Why Clear my Browsing and Search History?

Storing your internet history might consume memory and potentially slow down your device.

Clearing your online history is also a useful initial step in keeping your activities private if you ever plan on sharing your device.

Clearing your browser’s cache protects it from history sniffing, which might expose your personal information.

Furthermore, clearing out other temporary files can help your PC run considerably faster.

At the end of each surfing session, several of the most secure and private browsers will automatically clear your history.

Why should you bother deleting your search history? All of the major search engines log your searches, which they subsequently utilise to assist marketers in reaching you more effectively.

Other sites may sell your information to advertising or data brokers directly. Given how frequently data breaches occur, you’re only one leak away from trouble.

Is there any reason not to delete my browser history?

Deleting your browser history inhibits your browser from auto-filling the URLs of your favourite sites, but bookmarks readily compensate for this.

If you’re concerned that your saved passwords will be lost if you delete your history, don’t worry; a password manager is a lot more secure solution to save your credentials.


Can I see my History?

On your Android phone or tablet, launch the Chrome browser.

In the upper right corner of the screen, near to the address bar, tap the Menu symbol.

Tap History from the drop-down menu.

How do I delete my search history?

Search history should be deleted.

1. Launch the Google app on your Android phone or tablet.

2. Tap your Profile photo or initial in the upper right corner. History of searches

3. Select the Search history that you want to delete.

You have the following options:

Your entire search history:

Tap Delete above your history.

Remove any references to time.

Can I see my recent activity?

On your Android phone or tablet, navigate to the ‘Settings’ app, then Google, and finally Google Account.

The option ‘Data and Personalization’ is located at the top of the page. Tap ‘My Activity,’ which is located under ‘Activity and Timeline.’