Joinpd: Get Peardeck Login Access Quick Steps 2022

Joinpd Online
Joinpd Online

Joinpd enhances distant interaction in learning. It engages pupils and aids the teacher in overcoming obstacles to learning.

As you are aware, we are in the era of distance education. It entails a live piece of software that offers educational features like helping teachers and students create presentations.

What is Joinpd?

Joinpd is a microsite or sub-domain of Using a code or link, students can access the interactive presentations made by their teachers.

A presentation in progress can be joined using your code on the JoinPD platform. Pear Deck, which enables teachers and students to take online classes, runs JoinPD.

The teacher is responsible for creating the presentation through his or her JoinPD account and sending the Peardeck Login Code to any interested students or others so they can join from their various locations.

To participate in the presentation, students do not need to register for an account on Pear Deck. To achieve that, though, they’ll need a Google or Microsoft account.

This is so that Pear Deck can integrate with Google Slides in order to function. Additionally, teachers might permit children to sign up anonymously.

How to Create a Joinpd Code

  • if you don’t already have an account, visit and create one.
  • click create presentation to continue.
  • click add-ons in the top bar after that.
  • When a form drop-down appears, select get add-ons.
  • Search for “pear deck” in the search field.
  • Installing pear deck is as simple as clicking the “free” button.
  • Next, select add-ons.
  • Open the pears after choosing it.
  • You now need to make a presentation; you can choose the template you like.
  • Click “present with pear deck” once your presentation has been created.
  • A five-digit code will be produced when you click.
  •  This you can distribute to your friends and anyone else who wants to participate in the presentation.

How to Join Joinpd

To Join in, you can join first through the joining link and the second is through the joining code:

  • visit in a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.
  • enter the code if you are a student and your teacher has asked the class to participate in the Pear Deck presentation.
  • You will then be at the student dashboard where you can view slides and other things.

If the teacher has enabled the corresponding settings, students might need a Google or Microsoft Office 365 account to attend the session. If not, they can just sign up without a username or avatar.

How To Join Joinpd.Com Via Link

Just click on the link sent to you by your teacher and you will be redirected to the presentation or class session.

Joinpd (Peardeck)  Login Via Code

To join a Pear Deck session as a student with a Join Code, adhere to these steps:

  • Ask your teacher for the Join Code for the Pear Deck session or presentation.
  • Open a browser
  • go to (
  • Next, input the provided box’s 5-character Join Code.
  • Wait for the Pear Deck session to load before proceeding.
  • You will either be immediately logged in or given the option to choose the email account if your teacher asks you to log in via email.
  • If they don’t, you can sign up without providing your email in an anonymous manner.
  • Simply choose an avatar and login username to sign up for the session.

Joinpd (Peardeck) Login Via Link

To join a Pear Deck session using a Join Link, adhere to these steps:

  • To learn more about the Pear Deck session, review the email or message your teacher sent you.
  • To join the session, click the Join Link.
  • An internet browser will launch the Pear Deck session.
  • Although Google Chrome is recommended for viewing it, you can also use other browsers.
  • You will be in the Student View once you have joined the session. You are able to interact with your teachers’ interactive questions and view the presentation slides.

Students’ email addresses can be required by teachers to attend Pear Deck sessions.

Students must enter or choose their email account after entering the Join Code at or clicking the Join Link for the Pear Deck session when this setting is enabled.

It’s a useful approach to learn about students, quickly record their attendance, and keep trolls out of classes.

How to enable Students login Requirements on Joinpd

To enable student login requirements, adhere to following steps:

  • Enter the Home page of Pear Deck.
  • Now select the icon for your individual profile.
  • Then select My Account.
  • After that, select Settings.
  • Locate the “Require Student Logins” column by scrolling down.
  • Choose the account type you want students to use and click ON.

This will prevent your students from joining Pear Deck sessions without their email.

How to allow anonymous student participation on JoinPd sessions.

  • Simply follow the directions provided for the aforementioned manner and select OFF at the “Require Student Logins” area to allow students to attend Pear Deck sessions anonymously.
  • When you do this, students won’t need their email addresses to join your Pear Deck sessions.
  • By using an avatar and a nickname, students will be able to join the sessions anonymously.
  • Their true names won’t be shown, but they can still watch the slides and reply to queries.
  • Teachers will notice a prompt at the bottom letting them know that students are signing up using nicknames and avatars.

Holding entertaining sessions in between classes is a good time to put this technique to use.

How to Present on Joinpd (Peardeck)

  • Visit and select the instructor login link.
  • Choose the kind of account you want to access.
  • Pear Deck will request permission to access your Google Drive or OneDrive.
  • Answer a few accounts setup questions
  • after that. Student* selectors’ data are not collected
  • To link Pear Deck to your Google Drive or OneDrive account, click Authorize.
  • You will be required to provide your email address and password to log in
  • permissions from Pear Deck will be requested.
  • Type in your school and zip code.
  • It’s okay if you don’t have a US postal code or if your school isn’t listed in the drop-down menu.
  • You can substitute any five-digit number for your school’s name or postal code.
  • Get the Pear Deck add-on by opening any online presentation in Google Slides (if you used a Google account) or PowerPoint (if you used a Microsoft Office 365 account).

To learn how, simply follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Dashboard view
  • Click the blue roster button located in the dashboard’s upper right corner.
  • Click Invite your class in the roster.
  • Choose the Google Classroom group you wish to invite others to.
  • The names of the new pupils are lit up as they enter.
  • Students may add the power of interactive questions to Google Slides using Pear Deck. Hacks

You Can Quickly Access The “Join pd Com Join” using these hacks. Use the tools that Joinpd Com Join offers on their website as well:

  • To join a presentation in progress –
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  • For students to join a pear deck session
  • Pear deck – welcome
  • joinpd peardeck join @ join pd .com – wordsera
  • hack – join and share work details – newz square
  • Joinpd.Com Cheats – Sign Up and Share Your Work

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Benefits of Joinpd

The pear deck aids teachers in enhancing student learning. It provides a wide range of functions to benefit instructors in various ways. The teacher might make use of understanding level assessments.

Content accessibility: Teachers can create presentations on Pear Deck and submit videos for students. The teacher will require templates to create a presentation if he wants to design a lesson on a new subject.

There is no need to travel anyplace because pear deck has a collection of ready-made templates for this use.

Helpful videos: There are several tip videos available on the pear deck for educators, including instructions on how to create a pear deck account, add questions to an existing presentation, use the slide library, manage students, and give students notes, among other things.

Training: Pear Deck provides a training programme for both new and seasoned educators. Teachers and administrators should attend this training.

Active learning is completely supported: When students participate in activities like class discussion and practise, they are said to be learning actively.


What is Pear Deck used for?

Pear Deck is a web-based platform that enables teachers and students to join or create presentations. Pear Deck services are also available through Google Drive.

Why is JoinPD the perfect tool for teachers?

Pear Deck gives teachers the tools they need to give their students engaging lessons that are productive. The teacher may encounter numerous ambiguities and challenges when giving the lesson in physical classes.

How do I find the code for my Pear Deck?

A Pear Deck Session is started by the teacher, who then receives the Join Link or Join Code to distribute to the students. The student will be immediately logged in with, or given the option to select, their email account before joining the session if the presenter requires email login.

Can students use Pear Deck?

In student-paced mode, students can advance autonomously using interactive Pear Deck slides. Construct slides. Give pupils a deadline to complete them before sharing them. The slides are explored and interacted with by the students.

How many students can join a Pear Deck?

Basic interactive questions, limitless interactive sessions, five free presentation imports, and a cap of 30 session participants are all included with the free account.

Do you have to pay for Pear Deck?

Pear Deck is a freemium service; educators can use a variety of tools and materials without paying anything or choose to upgrade to a premium membership. Slide presentations and interactive questions are combined in Pear Deck.

How do you make a Pear Deck?

To access More Options, select Home. (Three-dot menu) Pear Deck. Go to the Ask Students a Question section of the Pear Deck Sidebar and give the slide an Interactive Response option.

Additionally, you may access the Template Library to get ready-made Slide Templates, which you can then publish for personal use.

For teachers and students to produce JoinPD Code, JoinPD is a fantastic platform. It can help you improve your teaching and learning while saving you a lot of time.

You already know how to develop joinpd code and how to connect to joinpd peardeck.

How to Get Peardeck Class Join Code?

Your pupils can attend the presentation by going to Your session at provided you with a five-character join code.

How Can I Get a Free Pear Deck?

We have made all of Pear Deck’s premium features available so that any teachers can use it in their toolkit for teaching. Free trials of Peer Deck Premium are available right now.

Is Pear Deck Free for Teachers?

Teachers and schools can use a number of tools and materials on Pear Deck for free or by subscribing to a premium account. Pear Deck is a freemium service.

What is Nearpod?

Any course may be made interactive using NearPod, whether it is taught in person or virtually. The idea is basic. A teacher can design interactive lessons that feature tests, polls, movies, and group collaboration.


Joinpd provides both students and instructors with a fantastic learning opportunity. It’s a terrific way to replace outdated teaching techniques with contemporary ones.

The nicest part is that it functions as an add-on for Google Slides, so users don’t need to install it separately.