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Google Doodle Games
Google Doodle Games

Google Doodle – The first Google Doodle  was produced by co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to warn users of their absence in the event that the servers broke during the 1998 edition of the long-running annual Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada.

The following google doodles were spearheaded by Susan Wojcicki, an early Marketing employee, featuring an extraterrestrial landing on Google and other bespoke logos for significant holidays.

What is Google Doodle?

A Google Doodle is a special, temporary change to the logo on Google’s homepages that is intended to recognise festivals, events, achievements, and famous historical individuals from certain nations.

Google doodles were initially neither animated nor hyperlinked; they were simply photos with hover text describing the subject or conveying a holiday greeting.

By the beginning of the 2010s, Google Doodle has grown in both frequency and intricacy. Sir Isaac Newton was recognised with the first animated google doodle in January 2010.

Soon after, the first interactive google doodle commemorating Pac-Man appeared, and hyperlinks began to be added to google doodles, usually going to a search results page for the subject of the google doodle.

Google Doodle Today

Google had published over 2,000 regional and worldwide Doodles across its homepages by 2014, with many involving guest artists, musicians, and personalities.

By 2019, the “Doodlers” crew has developed over 4,000 doodles for Google’s global homepages.

Google’s Doodle today commemorated NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope’s deepest and sharpest photo of the universe.

The complex infrared image, captured by the world’s most powerful telescope, was shown by President Joe Biden in a White House briefing on Monday, July 11.

Google has now honoured the achievement with a beautiful animated image of the James Webb Telescope as its Doodle.

Google Doodle Games

Google Doodle games aim to commemorate and educate while also giving a fun method to learn about history.

While some of its games are more dated than others, they all serve the same purpose of presenting a fun take on a historical event.

Some popular games include:

Google Doodle Halloween

The game’s initial concept had a magical cat creating a soup so delicious that it revived the dead.

The team decided that connecting soup to Halloween was too abstract, so they came up with the notion of a wizard school. This ushered in a more robust world full of interesting characters and paw-some themes. You can play as a wizard and kill ghosts in this game.

You are a wizard, and you must manoeuvre your wand to eliminate all ghosts. Check your logos on top of the ghosts and swipe in that direction to eliminate the ghosts.

There are five levels in the game. It has various versions such as google doodle Halloween 2016, google doodle Halloween 2018 and google doodle Halloween 2020.

Google doodle baseball

In honour of the Fourth of July, Google has released a new Google Doodle Baseball in which you simply swing your bat when a peanut pitch a baseball at you.

It’s really easy. Your squad is made up of traditional American foods such as burgers and hot dogs. You may also encounter left-handed athletes such as lettuce and lemonade.

Pac-Man Google doodle

To mark the 30th anniversary of the titular arcade classic, Google released a Pac-Man doodle in 2010. To start it, simply press the insert coin button, however unlike at the arcade, it won’t cost you a quarter.

The Pac-Man map, in a unique Google twist, spells out the word Google in the centre, requiring you to follow the curves of the word to gather all of the pellets while avoiding the ghosts.

Otherwise, the game is a faithful replica of the original Pac-Man. As an added benefit, you can play as Ms. Pac-Man alongside a companion. You must use the WASD keys to control her, while the arrow keys are used to control Pac-Man.

Google doodle cricket

This game is for those cricket fans who miss playing weekly matches with their buddies. In this game, you will see a bat icon in the yellow circle; simply click on that circle to hit the ball.

The cricket game is a lot of fun and straightforward. You play as a cricketer and if you get out on zero, you turn into a duck.

Google doodle basketball

Basketball Doodle was released in 2012. It is widely available across the world. In this game, you can shoot many baskets with varying degrees of intensity, and your score is computed appropriately.

Long-pressing the spacebar or the left cursor causes the basketball to be thrown with extra force in the game. You receive three rounds of increasingly increasing space.

All google doodle games are fun and educating to play. Other google doodle games include:

  • Google-doodle snake
  • Google-doodle soccer
  • Google doodle Minecraft
  • Rubik’s Cube
  • Pony Express
  • Coding for Carrots
  • Doodle Champion Island Games
  • Scoville (Spicy Peppers)
  • Celebrating Garden Gnomes
  • Celebrating Pizza
  • Hip-Hop Anniversary
  • Gnome Google doodle
  • Loteria google doodle
  • Google doodle pizza
Google Doodle Ideas

Doodles may also arise from time to time based on user suggestions or contests. Every year, the “Doodle for Google” contest provides a subject and invites contributions from K-12 children.

Later in the year, Google selects a winner and displays their illustration on the site for all to see. The topic of a google doodle is frequently determined by current events in the world.

Though Google Doodles may appear to be random modifications to the Google logo on the website, they are usually intended to commemorate an important event or historical figure.

The design of Doodles varies, but they consistently use the letters from the Google logo.

For example, as the coronavirus pandemic affects the entire world in April 2020, Google dedicated a two-week block of Doodles to the “important” workers who are keeping the world running during the pandemic.

Clicking on the Doodle may result in a small game or interactive object, however most of the time it simply directs people to a search for that exact topic. So far, some significant 2020 doodles include:

  • Doodle celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 19th.
  • Doodle honours Leap Day on February 29 and International Women’s Day on March 7 with a 3D mandala.
  • The March 19 Doodle commemorates the arrival of spring.
  • Doodle celebrates Dame Jean Macnamara, a polio doctor, on March 31. On April 2, Doodle advises people to ‘Stay Home. Save Lives.’
What Is the Google Doodle Competition?

The annual contest has returned, and with it, a new crop of competition winners.

The competition, which has been running in the United States since 2008, honours some of the most creative and brilliant individuals by displaying the winners’ doodles on Google Doodle.

Google Doodle is an annual art competition open to kids in kindergarten through 12th grade.

 If you are one of the competition winners, your artwork will be shown on, and you could receive scholarships and school supplies. The prizes include:

One National Champion

The artwork of the national winner will be displayed on for 24 hours. The winner will also receive:

  • A college scholarship of $30,000
  • $50,000 in technology for their school or non-profit organisation
  • Google equipment
  • Fun Google products

Four National Runners-Up

They are the four national finalists, and their Doodles will be displayed in the Doodle for Google exhibition. Each national finalist will get the following:

  • A $5,000 college grant is available.
  • Google equipment
  • Fun Google products

Winners from 54 States and Territories

There are 54 state and territory winners; their Doodles will be shown in the Doodle for Google gallery, and they will also receive:

  • Google equipment
  • Google’s message of congratulations
  • Fun Google products

What happens when you Google Friends Ross?

Pivot! Pivot! With the 25th anniversary of Friends, we’re getting all kinds of nice reminders of one of the best TV shows out there, and Google has one for us.

Who won the 2022 Doodle for Google?

Araque-Liu, Sophie

Sophie Araque-Liu, a 16-year-old Florida student, has won the Doodle for Google 2022 Contest. Her artwork was inspired by the topic of the year, “I care for myself by…” 

Does Halloween 2018 Google Doodle still work?

Doodle Google Halloween 2018: You can still play previous Google Doodle games.

Since 1999, Google has made it an annual practise to change its renowned company logo on the main Google website to honour the Halloween season.

What is the highest score on Google Doodle Soccer 2012?


What is Google’s current Doodle?

On September 2, 2021, Google Doodle created a doodle to commemorate the 138th birthday of Polish researcher Rudolf Weigl, who is best known for developing the epidemic typhus vaccine.

Will there be a Doodle for Google 2022?

Yes, “I care for myself by…” Follow these simple steps to ensure that your Doodle is entered in the contest. Now, send us your masterpiece! Entries will be accepted until March 4, 2022, at 9 p.m. PT.

Which Google Doodle is best?


Google’s first interactive doodle was released in 2010 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the popular arcade game Pac-Man, and it remains one of its greatest. It’s still an addictive delight to this day, based on the original game logic, graphics and audio, and even original bugs from the 1980s masterpiece.

Can I play old Doodles on google?

Doodle google has made its earlier games available in its archive, so if you don’t want to wait to see if your favourite is featured in the retro series, you can play Doodles right now.

Is winning artwork for the Doodle for Google 2022 contest now live on the Google?

Google has selected to display the artwork of Sophie Araque-Liu, the winner of the Doodle for Google 2022 contest.

The corporation has decided to display the 16-year-old winner’s artwork throughout August. The winning artwork is currently available on Google’s homepage ( and in Google Chrome.

How do I submit a Google Doodle?

  • Print or download the entry form.
  • Doodle: Doodles are created by artists using any materials they like. Crayons, clay, and found objects have all been used.
  • Write an artist’s statement on what you’ve created and how it depicts how you care for yourself.
  • Submit

Google Doodles showcase the best in art, architecture, and design.

It’s easy to become distracted before even starting your Google search. A digital illustration or an interactive game frequently catches our interest on the browser’s homepage.

These Doodles commemorate a variety of occasions, holidays, or anniversaries, with the term “Google” imaginatively incorporated into the title.