Google Ads Account – How to Register for Free

Google Ads Account – How to Register for Free



If you’re thinking about spending money on ads to reach your target audience, you should spend it wisely.

That is, somewhere with more than 2.9 billion monthly unique visitors and 5 billion daily interactions.

Google Ads was launched just two years after, the world’s most popular website. The advertising platform was launched as Google Adwords in October 2000, but after some rebranding in 2018, it was renamed Google Ads.

Google AdWords, now Google Ads, is a system for online product and service advertising on Google. Such advertising requires the linking of your online account and website. Signing up for and creating an account with this system is free and straightforward, taking only a few minutes. We’ve written a step-by-step guide for you to follow.

Why you must have Google Ads Account

Google is the most popular search engine, with over 5 billion search queries per day. Not to mention that the Google Ads platform has been in operation for nearly two decades, lending it some seniority and authority in the paid advertising space.

It is a search engine used by people all over the world to ask questions that are answered through a combination of paid advertisements and organic results.

Do you require another reason? Google Ads are being used by your competitors (and they might even be bidding on your branded terms).

Hundreds of thousands of businesses use it to promote their products and services, which means that even if you’re ranking organically for a search term, your results will be pushed down the page beneath your competitors.


Click the blue “Start now” button in the upper right corner of the Google Ads page. Choose the email address you want to register with. Use this email address if you already have a Google Account (Gmail).

You can invite other people to use your Google Ads account after you’ve made one.


Log in, if you already have a Google Account (you use another Google product, such as Gmail), enter your Google email address and password, and then click Sign in. If you don’t already have a Google Account or would like to sign in with a different email address, click the Create Account button at the bottom of the screen and follow the instructions to set up and confirm your new Google Account.


What is your primary advertising objective?

Google Ads will ask you what kind of results you want to see in this phase. You select the one that best describes you, whether you desire more calls, visitors to your store, or online sales/registrations.

Professional Mode When you go to Google Ads’ Expert Mode, you’ll see the following steps:

You can specify your advertising aim in greater detail here.

For the time being, if you merely wish to register your account without an advertising campaign, do so by clicking in the lower-left corner (create an account without a campaign)

If you want to start an ad campaign right immediately, you can select the type of campaign in the next step.

Search campaigns, Smart Shopping campaigns, Display, Video,… are all options.

After entering your Company Name and Site Name, proceed as Google Ads directs.

The fundamental design of Google Ads


Company Data – In your account, you can access various sources of company data and feeds. These resources are managed in the Company Data section. These resources could include parameters for your ads’ behavior in a specific context or product inventory from which to create dynamic ads.

Access and security – You can grant others access to your account. Do not give them your account password! Create shared access for them in Account access settings based on their email address or multi-client center account (MCC) ID, and select the competencies that these people will have in your account.

These accesses can be added and removed at any time.

Linked Accounts – In this section, you may follow the linkage of your Google Ads account to those in other Google services. Learn how to link your account to your Google Analytics account here.

Transactions – Set payments and budget for your Google Ads credit here.

Google Merchant Center – Use your Google Merchant Center account to submit products, after which you can link your Google Ads account to Google Merchant. This article contains instructions on how to do so.


Measurement settings for conversions can be found in the Measurement -> Conversions section. Conversion tracking settings are one of the fundamental parameters required to properly evaluate and optimize PPC campaigns. Conversion tracking setup instructions may be found here.


Campaigns -This section contains an overview of the campaigns you’ve created in Google Ads, complete with graphs and tables.

Keywords – are phrases that allow you to tailor your ads to the terms people are looking for. Find out more here.

Publishers – You can manage your remarketing lists in this section, where you can control which audiences see your Google Ads campaigns.

What do the various options mean?

google ads account options
google ads account options

Payments and billing

To begin advertising, fill out the Billing and Payments section with the necessary information. Set who should be charged for ad-related transactions and how you want to pay them.

The advertising payment technique is pay-per-click (PPC), which means that you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad. Not when the advertisement appears.

Business Information

In your account, you can access several sources of business data and feeds. These sources are managed in the Business Data area. These sources could include, for example, parameters for your ad’s behavior in a specific environment or a product inventory to generate dynamic advertising. These are advanced options that you can return to later.

Account Management

As noted at the beginning of this post, you can also provide people access to your account. Don’t reveal your password! Create shared access depending on their email address in the Account Access options, and then pick the skills that these people will have in your account. These accesses can be added and removed at any moment.

Accounts that are linked

You may trace the connection of your Google Ads account to those in other Google services in this section. This way, everything is organized and under your control. In our other tutorial, we focus on Google Analytics, but we advocate making links with other services based on your needs.


Preferences allow you to configure basic account information such as language and number format, country, time zone, and so on.

Google Merchant Services

Uploading your store data is done through the Google Merchant Center. First, upload your inventory to this system and then connect it to Google Ads to advertise products. The following articles explain how to set up a Google Merchant Center account and connect it to Google Ads.

This is how quickly we were able to set up a Google Ads account, and you’re only a step away from creating your first advertising campaign for your services and products. However, in order to maximize efficiency, you must first set up accounts in Google Analytics and Google Merchant Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Ads account free?

Signing up for an account is completely free. You’ll only be charged when your customers take action, such as clicking your ad and visiting your website, or calling your business. To help you succeed, we’ll provide reports and insights so you can track the performance and costs of your ads.

How do I sign up for a Google Ads account?

Make an account using your manager account.

Click Settings from the page menu on the left, then click Sub-account settings at the top of the page. Select the plus sign. Click the Create new account button. Choose whether you want to create a Google Ads account or a Smart Campaign account.

How can I locate my Google Ads account?

On the upper right, click your profile image. You’ll see a list of Google Ads accounts that are linked to your current Google Account. Select the account you want to use.

What is the purpose of a Google Ads account?

Google Ads is a product that can help you promote your business, sell products or services, raise awareness, and drive traffic to your website. Google Ads accounts are managed online, so you can create and change your ad campaign, including ad text, settings, and budget, at any time.

What if I don’t pay Google Ads?

What if you do not pay Google Ads? Your account will be suspended if you do not pay. Furthermore, your credit card information and personal contact information will be flagged, and you will be unable to add new Ads accounts or access any paid services unless you pay Google.

Is it possible to have a Google Ads account without having Gmail?

A standard Google account is required to create a Google Ads account. If you use Gmail, you already have a Google account and can proceed to the next stage. However, if you don’t have a Gmail account or if it’s a personal email address, you should set up a second account for your business.

How can I acquire 2000 Google ads?

Using a Google Ads promo code 2000 credit, on the other hand, will always assist you to increase your strategy.

Checking your Google Ads 2000 credit

  1. Access your Google Ads account.
  2. Select Promotions under “Billing” after clicking the tools button.
  3. Select the blue + sign.
  4. Enter your promo code.
  5. Select Save.

How do I promote my company on Google?

How Can I Get My Business Listed on Google For Free?

  1. Obtain high organic search ranks.
  2. Sign up for a free Google My Business account.
  3. Improve your Google Maps listing.
  4. Submit your products to Google Shopping.
  5. Get your Google Ads discount.

Is it possible to discontinue Google Ads at any time?

From the control panel, you can cancel Google Ads. Navigate to the control panel and select Google Ads. On your dashboard, click the red garbage can icon. To confirm your cancellation, click Approve.