Geek Squad: Best Buy Geek Squad Scams

Geek Squad Scams
Geek Squad Scams

Geek Squad Inc. is a subsidiary of Best Buy, an American and Canadian multinational consumer electronics firm based in Richfield, Minnesota.

On June 16, 1994, “Chief Inspector” Robert Stephens formed the subsidiary as an independent firm, offering a variety of computer-related services and accessories to home and commercial clients.

They merged with Best Buy in 2002, with Stephens remaining as the subsidiary’s senior corporate leader.

The Geek-Squad offers services in-store, on-site, and via remote access via the Internet, as well as 24-hour telephone and emergency on-site help.

Geek-Squad is no longer limited to computer-related issues.

It can now analyze and repair any consumer devices and appliances.

What is Geek Squad?

Geek-Squad is a division of Best Buy, an American multinational consumer electronics firm located in Richfield, Minnesota. On June 16, 1994, “Chief Inspector” Robert Stephens formed the subsidiary as an independent firm, offering a variety of computer-related services and accessories to home and commercial clients.

It then merged with Best Buy, with Stephens remaining as the subsidiary’s principal corporate leader. The Geek-Squad offers services in-store, on-site, and via remote access via the Internet, as well as 24-hour telephone and emergency on-site help.

What does Geek Squad Protection mean?

The Geek-Squad Protection Plan offers advantages in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty.

The Plan does not cover parts or coverage offered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

As a result, you may make a claim directly with the manufacturer.

What is the purpose of Geek Squad?

The Geek-Squad offers services in-store, on-site, and via remote access via the Internet, as well as 24-hour telephone and emergency on-site help.

Geek Squad is no longer limited to computer-related issues. It can now analyze and repair any consumer devices and appliances.

Geek Squad Best Buy – Is The Best Buy Geek Squad a Scam?

When a 75-year-old woman from New Jersey needed assistance with her computer, she responded to an email from Best Buy’s Geek Squad. Instead of obtaining assistance, she was duped out of about $100,000 [*].

According to the FBI [*], the Geek-Squad fraud is only one example of a pervasive tech support scam trend that will cost Americans approximately $350 million in 2021 alone.

Scammers prey on victims seeking technical assistance, or they impersonate well-known organizations (such as Best Buy, Amazon, or Apple) to trick you into giving them money, personal information, or remote access to your computer.

If you want assistance with your computer or other electrical equipment, the last thing you want is to be duped.

So how can you know if you’re working with the actual Geek-Squad or a scammer?

We’ll show you how to spot and prevent the most typical Geek-Squad scams in this tutorial.

What Are Geek Squad Scams? How Do They Work?

Geek-Squad scams are a sort of imposter scam in which fraudsters pretend to be members of Best Buy’s tech support staff and provide “assistance” with devices, accounts, or apps.

In actuality, these con artists are attempting to steal your personal information, trick you into paying for bogus services or obtain remote access to your equipment.

This is how most of these frauds work:

  • Scammers will contact you via emails, text messages, phone calls, or fake websites, claiming to be from the Best Buy Geek Squad.
  • Once in contact, they will claim that your device has been compromised, that you owe money for a subscription, or that you need to “confirm” your identity by providing sensitive information such as credit card numbers, your Social Security number (SSN), and so on.
  • Depending on the fraud, they may even trick you into downloading malware or software that provides them remote access to your device.
  • Once you’ve been “hooked,” they’ll continue to defraud you for more money, whether by emptying your accounts, discovering sensitive information on your device, or demanding more money for their services.

Someone who has used the Geek-Squad or purchased something from Best Buy is more likely to fall victim to a bogus Geek Squad scam. Worse, more than 60% of tech support scam victims are above the age of 60, suggesting that senior family members may be particularly vulnerable.

Example: A Geek Squad Scam Emails That Nearly Worked

Phishing emails are used in the majority of Geek-Squad frauds.

Scammers send convincing emails that appear to be from the Geek-Squad, then try to get you to click on links, transfer money, or phone them.

Here’s a real-life example of a Geek Squad email scams:

This email appears to be disturbingly convincing at first look.

It contains a legitimate-looking “Subscription ID,” the purchase date and information, and phone numbers for tech support.

It also conceals the fact that it is a scam by not explicitly asking you to purchase anything.

However, there are a few red flags that indicate a scam:

  • It is sent from a Gmail account. The sender’s email address is not a Best Buy email address. Instead, it comes through a free Gmail account. This raises a big red flag.
  • It does not employ the correct Geek Squad logo and branding.
  • It does not come from an official email account. Best Buy is a large shop with a distinct brand and logo. This email lacks the design characteristics that you would expect from a genuine organization.
  • It does not contain your name. Consider the information a corporation like Best Buy would have about you after a transaction. The absence of your name in the email, which instead begins with “Dear Customer,” is a red indicator that this is a phishing scheme.
  • It has a suspect tech support phone number. If you look attentively, you’ll see that the phone number for “Technical Support” and the “Customer Service Executive” is the same.

Most businesses will have various phone numbers for different teams. If in doubt, look out for a company’s phone number on its official website before phoning.

  • It attempts to instill a sense of urgency. The email states that the recipient has enrolled in Geek-Squad’s plan and has just 24 hours to cancel.

This false sense of urgency is a key indicator of online fraud.

  • It invites you to reach out. The message makes it apparent that the fraudsters want to get you on the phone so they can conduct their plan.
  • It makes advantage of ambiguous or nonspecific information about your transaction. It might be frightening to consider that someone has made a significant purchase in your name.

However, this email lacks the purchase and pricing information that would typically be included in a receipt.

While Geek-Squad scams are likely to appear in your email, there are other ways that these devious scammers target their victims.

Geek Squad Appointments – Does Geek-Squad require an appointment?

Geek-Squad strongly advises making an appointment, especially during the epidemic.

At the moment, all Geek Squad locations near me have an average of two appointments every 20 minutes.

Of course, there will be no-shows, but the many clients who do book appointments will always be prioritized.

Taking a “walk-in” is usually done only when the business is sluggish (aka the end of the day, roughly an hour before close).

Because of the high volume of appointments at my store, we have very little time to work on things.

Keep in mind that Geek Squad workers are responsible for more than just chatting to customers and checking in their computers.

Almost every returned item must go through what is known as a “functionality check.” This is how things get Geek Squad certified or Open box. These are often worked on in between appointments, which is why walk-ins are not typically accepted throughout the day.

Please make an appointment if you have an Apple problem.

Most Geek-Squads will demand an appointment for any Apple issues since they must work on both Apple’s and Geek Squads’ ends.

Because Apple repairs are same-day, if your iPhone has to be fixed, it reduces repair time for other clients’ devices.

How Much Does Geek Squad Cost

How much does it cost to get something fixed at Geek-Squad service?

The cost of a geek squad relies on a variety of criteria, including the type of service you want or the requirements of your system, where you want it fixed, such as onsite services, home service, for business, remote, and so on.

So, based on these parameters, you may have a good notion of the geek costs.

Let’s look at the Geek-squad charges.

Per services vs. Monthly services

If you want an onsite service or a geek squad to come to your firm, it costs roughly $ 300 for each visit.

If you require regular visits from an IT professional, you may purchase a Geek Squad membership, which costs roughly $99.99 setup charge Plus 24.99 or $49.99 per user depending on the plan you choose.

Geek-squad In-store service charge

You may arrange an in-store service through the best buy website.

There, you may book a tune-up, repair, or troubleshooting consultation, among other things.

You may drop off your device or meet with the advisor or technician to troubleshoot connected difficulties after scheduling an appointment.

When you arrange an appointment online, you won’t have to stand in line.

The in-store service ranges in price from $ 39.99 to $ 1450, depending on the services and repairs required.

Geek-Squad in-home services

In-home services are fairly expensive, and the cost varies based on the work that has to be done. If you work from home, you can use the in-home service.

You may arrange an appointment online or by calling your local Best Buy store.

The cost of in-home servicing might range from $ 79.99 to $ 199.99 depending on the services and repair type.

Geek-Squad Business Services and Onsite services

It began at roughly $300 for each visit. To schedule an appointment, call the geek squad representative or go online.

You can also contact your allocated business advisor and schedule an appointment.

Geek squad may also offer you remote and onsite services, such as network installation, VPN installation, and so on.

Geek-Squad remote services

If you believe that the situation does not necessitate your physical presence, you can provide the geek-squad specialist remote access to resolve the issue without your presence.

What does it cost to get anything repaired at Geek Squad? The remote service is less expensive than onsite help; it ranges from $ 39.99 to $ 149, depending on the service your system requires.

How to cancel Geek Squad subscription Plan in easy steps

Canceling a membership service that you no longer require has never been easier.

Follow these simple steps to terminate your Geek Squad protection subscription:

  1. Dial 800-433-5778 for customer assistance.
  2. Request a meeting with a representative.
  3. Provide them with your account number and contact information.
  4. Request that your plan and monthly payments be canceled.
  5. You will receive a text or email confirmation.
Geek Squad Pricing

Geek Squad prices for individual services range from $19.99 to $1450, with monthly service subscriptions beginning at $24.99 per user.

Each user is allowed to have several devices.

A simplified yearly plan for extremely small organizations is available for $199.99 per year for six devices.

Geek Squad Services In-Store

Geek Squad provides in-store services that may be scheduled online via the Best Buy website.

You may make an appointment for a repair, tune-up, troubleshooting, or consultation.

You can go into the shop and drop off your gadget for repair or meet for your consultation/troubleshooting once you have an appointment time.

You may also go into Geek-Squad without reservation, although this is not recommended due to significant wait times.

Geek Squad Salary

Geeksquad’s hourly salary ranges from $13.09 to $20.37 per hour on average.

Workers at Geeksquad with the job title Computer Repair Technician earn the highest, with an hourly rate of $16.99, while employees with the job title Computer Repair Technician earn the least, with an hourly rate of $16.99.

What is a Geek Squad consultation agent?

Geek Squad Consultation Agents serve as the initial point of contact for consumers who require the product or other technical assistance, providing skilled technological solutions and support while maintaining a courteous, fast check-in and check-out experience.

Is Geek Squad Protection Worth It?

Yes, Geek Squad Protection is worthwhile since it allows you to extend the warranty on your equipment.

If there is a problem, the firm will quickly resolve it. Geek Squad Protection offers a variety of options from which you may choose the one that best suits your needs.

Geek Squad Phishing Email

For Geek Squad services you did not request, you receive an invoice or an auto-renewal reminder. The communication contains indications that it is a phishing hoax.

It doesn’t, for example, originate from a “” email address, it has spelling and grammatical problems, and it doesn’t include the correct Geek Squad logo.


How do I receive Geek Squad tech support?

1-800 GEEK SQUAD (1-800-433-5778).

How do I cancel my Geek Squad membership?

By talking with an Agent, you may cancel your Geek Squad Protection Plan online. You may also cancel by calling 1-800-433-5778 or going to any Best Buy location.

Do you get a refund if you cancel Geek Squad Protection?

In a shop, by phone at 1-800-GEEKSQUAD (1-800-433-5778), or by sending us a cancellation note.

If you cancel your One-Time-Pay Plan within 30 days of purchasing it, you will get a complete refund minus the value of any services supplied to you under this Plan.

How do I access the geek squad webroot download?

Go to to download Webroot. If the download did not begin immediately, click the download now option that corresponds to your device platform (PC, Mac, or Mobile). To begin the installation, double-click the downloaded file.

Does Geek Squad TV repair or replace TVs?

There’s no need to drag your screen into a store. If your television is 42″ or bigger, we will come to your home to fix it. If we installed your TV, we will also uninstall and reinstall it.

Can I call Geek Squad for free?

Monthly plans have a $99.99 setup charge and a monthly price of $24.99 or $49.99 per user, depending on the plan.

You pay this charge even if you don’t utilize the service that month because it’s a subscription, but it can save you money if you have a major problem or require regular IT help.

What does Trend Micro Geek Squad software do?

Block potentially harmful websites that may steal personal information. Stop harmful files and software from infecting your computer.

Web risks should be avoided. Protect yourself against ransomware and other online threats. Avoid internet fraud and frauds. Report harmful phishing emails and fraudulent websites.

Is the Best Buy Geek Squad hours 24/7 customer service?

Have any questions? Agents are accessible around the clock. In a shop. Bring your goods to a Best Buy location and chat with a representative in person.

Are Geek Squad computers repairs good?

Best Buy’s Geek Squad is likely the most well-known consumer tech-support service. Geek Squad is also perhaps the most polished computer-assistance service, providing not just online assistance but also in-store and at-home repair services.

What is Geek Squad Pay?

Geeksquad employees are paid an average of $16.30 per hour. Geeksquad’s hourly salary ranges from $13.09 to $20.37 per hour on average.

Geek Squad Phone Repair – Can Geek-Squad help me with my phone?

They can fix your cell phone and computer regardless of where you purchased them.

How do I access the webroot geek squad download from Best Buy?

Visit to get started. Click the DOWNLOAD NOW option that corresponds to your device (PC or MAC).

Geek Squad TV Mounting – How much do they charge to install a TV?

A simple wall mount costs $129. $199 for a TV connect service that includes more than simply wall mounting and setup.

Is the Geek Squad remote support available?

If you’re having problems with your electronics, a Geek Squad Agent can remotely assist you in determining what’s wrong and repairing it.

Geek Squad Chat – How do I chat with them?

If you require the assistance of a Geek Squad Agent, you may chat with one online or call 1-800-433-5778 at any time.

Geek Squad Prices – How much does Best Buy Geek-Squad Charge?

Geek Squad’s price for individual services ranges from $19.99 to $1450, with monthly service subscriptions beginning at $24.99 per user.


Geek Squad is a well-known name in residential IT, but it can also manage small and large corporations. TotalTech’s support package is intended for small enterprises and is priced at $199.99 per year.

It offers installation, training, and diagnostic services, as well as discounts on larger repairs.

You can also purchase monthly company plans if your needs are more sophisticated. You may also arrange on-site inspections or choose from an a la carte menu of services.