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Duckduckgo App
Duckduckgo App

DuckDuckGo simplifies privacy.

Privacy isn’t something you need only in particular situations or in small doses, and it’s a lie that you can’t have the same Internet you want and need while still having more privacy.

Since their release in 2018, it has been downloaded over 150 million times, and DuckduckGo review states the want for  same “privacy, simple” experience on desktops and laptops.

What is DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo (DDG) is a search engine that prioritises user privacy and avoiding the filter bubble of tailored search results. DDG does not display content farm search results.

DuckDuckGo mobile apps make privacy the default, with no difficult settings or the need to grasp the intricacies of technology, simply built-in privacy safeguards that work, such as private search, tracker blocking, website encryption (HTTPS upgrade), and email protection.

It uses several APIs from other websites to provide quick responses to questions, and for traditional connections, it relies on its partners (mainly Bing) and its own crawler.

DuckDuckGo’s privacy makes determining how many individuals utilise it impossible. The name of the company is a play on the children’s game duck, duck, goose

Among their search features are:

  • Definitions.
  • Wikipedia references.
  • Images.
  • News.
  • Sport scores.
  • Local business answers.
  • Maps.
  • Weather.
  • Videos.
  • Products and shopping.
  • Currency conversions.
  • Flight information.
  • Calculator.
  • Timer.
  • Question and answer references.

DDG also contains what they refer to as “extra features” like:

  • Shortcut commands from the search engine that lead you directly to other websites.
  • Localization by language and region.
  • Themes that can be customised, including a dark theme.
  • DuckDuckGo also offers apps and browser extensions for a variety of operating systems and browsers.
  • As a result, you can continue to use Chrome, Safari, or any other browser without being monitored.
Duckduckgo Download

DuckDuckGo allows download for various devices like android, mac, s a chrome extension, etc.

How to install DuckDuckGo for Android

DuckDuckGo app free download is easy. Follow these steps:

  • Launch the Google Play Store application.
  • Look up DDG.
  • Select the DDG Privacy Browser.
  • Install should be selected.
  • Tap the Open button.
  • DDG will prompt you to choose between Google Chrome and DDG as your default browser software.
  • Select the one you want and then tap Set as Default.

Duckduckgo Browser Download for PC

  • Open Chrome or Firefox
  • Navigate to the DDG home page to install the DDG extension. Click the “Add DDG to [name of browser]” button.
  • In Chrome, you’re transported to the Chrome web store,
  • Where you may install the browser by clicking the Add to Chrome button and following the on-screen instructions.

DuckDuckGo Chrome——-Can I use DuckDuckGo with Chrome?

To get the DuckDuckGo search bar on chrome:

  • Go to the DDG website in a new tab in Google Chrome.
  • Right-click the URL in the search field
  • Select Copy.
  • In the dropdown box, select Edit Search Engines.
  • Find DDG under Default Search Engines
  • Click the three vertical dots.
  • Choose Make Default.

If you use Google Chrome and find right clicking difficult, there is another way to make the private search engine your default.

  • Launch Google Chrome and create a new tab.
  • Click on the three vertical dots beside the address bar in the top right corner.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Scroll to Search Engines and select Manage Search Engines.
  • Find DDG under Default Search Engines and click the three vertical dots.
  • Choose Make Default.
  • Install the DuckDuckGo Chrome browser extension for added privacy.
Duckduckgo Office

As of August 2022, the company employed 180 workers and was situated in Paoli, Pennsylvania, in Greater Philadelphia. The company employed 180 people and was based in Paoli, Pennsylvania, in Greater Philadelphia, as of August 2022.

DuckDuckGo vs Google

DDG is a formidable challenger to Google. This is especially true for consumers who consider privacy to be an important factor in determining which search engine is ideal for them.

However, DDG has a lot more to offer searchers than just greater privacy protections. Along with search, Google operates some of the most popular products on the web, including Docs, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and others.

The main distinction is that DDG does not save IP addresses or user information. DDG, billed as the search engine that doesn’t track you, processes over 1.5 billion searches per month.

Google, on the other hand, processes approximately 3.5 billion queries every day. It’s not a fair competition, but DDG is gaining ground. Because Google has access to a large amount of your data, its results can be tailored, and its search page aggregates it all in one spot.

DDG, on the other hand, does not have any personal data to pull upon, therefore it stands out in other ways.  However, DDG has bangs. Bangs let you to directly search third-party websites from DDG.

Furthermore, searching for a site on DDG with any of the thousands of accessible bangs directs you to the site rather than the search engine’s results. If you are missing Google’s search results, you can add!g to your query to see that exact page.

Youtube DuckDuckGo——-Can YouTube track you on DuckDuckGo?

Any YouTube videos seen here will be tracked by YouTube/Google.” If you’ve previously opened video links on DDG, you’ll recall that you could either play them directly on the site or follow the link to YouTube to play the video on the site instead.

Brave Vs Duckduckgo——-What Is the Best Privacy Browser?

Brave is a wonderful choice if you want a collection of tools to improve your privacy when exploring the web. However, if you want a no-nonsense mobile browser for a secret surfing session right out of the box,

DDG Privacy Browser is a great option. The additional features provided are a different consideration; both provide you with unique benefits on top of a private online browsing experience.

Do you want to earn Brave Rewards? Or do you want an email and app protection feature built in? Decide what you require, and the finest privacy browser should become obvious.

Pros and Cons of DuckDuckGo

While DDG may appear to be the ideal solution for those concerned about their privacy, there are several advantages and disadvantages to using this alternative search engine.

Pros of DuckDuckGo:

Here are compelling reasons why you should use DDG:

When searching, you have complete discretion: Trackers can be found all over the internet. DDG detects and blocks web trackers from sites such as Google and Facebook.

The search engine can also display the networks that have monitored you over time, providing you with a more complete picture of how your data is being used. DDG expanded their third-party safeguards to cover Microsoft scripts in August.

There are no targeted advertisements: If you conduct a Google search, you may notice advertisements in the top results. Ads aren’t usually displayed in those areas, but they’re structured similarly to regular search results, with only a bolded “Ad” and a separator dot to separate them.

Ads will not follow you around the web since DDG eliminates online trackers. If you use DDG to look for anything specific, such as a new food bowl for your pet, you won’t constantly seeing adverts for pet bowls on numerous websites.

Websites will load more quickly: Online trackers, in addition to gathering your data and causing advertising to follow you around, add more data to websites you visit, decreasing the website’s load speed.

DDG disables these trackers, freeing up bandwidth and allowing webpages to load faster.

Your search history is not stored: However, if you use DDG, this blemish will not appear in your search history because the search engine does not preserve your queries.

Every time you open DDG, it’s a clean slate, free of any previous searches.

Search results are unbiased: DDG will provide more comprehensive search results because it does not censor your results. Some results from the first page of a DDG search may appear on the second or third page of a Google search.

Other advantages of DDG include:

  • It Bangs shortcuts to send you to a webpage.
  • The UI is excellent.
  • Search results on one page.
  • There will be no social engineering based on your searches.

Cons of DuckDuckGo—-Why DuckDuckGo is bad?

Search results are, and always have been, anonymous. The following area the cons of DuckDuckGo:

  • There aren’t as many search engine benefits as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.
  • The search algorithm is not as sophisticated.
  • Search results are limited.
  • There is no malware or virus protection.
  • Ranking elements that are lacking.
  • The mapping and imaging findings are less than satisfactory.
  • DuckDuckGo is a suitable alternative if you value your online privacy and don’t mind taking a few additional minutes to search.
  • If you prefer the bells and whistles of other big search engines, keep in mind that such pleasures come at a cost.

How does DuckDuckGo make money?

By continuing to serve you advertisements. The difference is that DuckDuckGo is based on the keywords you search for rather than on you. If you search for pens, it will display advertising for pens

Is DuckDuckGo legit?

DuckDuckGo is relatively safe and provides significantly more privacy than standard browsers. To begin with, DDG ‘s key selling point is your search privacy.

This means DDG does not gather user information or trace your search history. Unlike Google, it does not connect your internet searches with your IP address.

Does DuckDuckGo have free email?

DuckDuckGo email: Get your own unique email address for free. Emails sent to it will be forwarded to your usual inbox, but the most of the creepy email trackers will be eliminated.

Create unique secret email addresses with the DuckDuckGo app and extension to prevent your email address from being traced. DDG will never save your email.

Is DuckDuckGo owned by Google?

DuckDuckGo can be used to search as a web page, a browser extension, or a mobile app. Most major browsers allow you to designate DDG as your preferred search engine.

DDG is not affiliated with Google, Bing, or any other search engine.

Why should I use DuckDuckGo instead of Google?

The main distinction is that DDG does not save IP addresses or user information. DDG, billed as the search engine that doesn’t track you, processes over 1.5 billion searches per month.

Google, on the other hand, processes approximately 3.5 billion queries every day. It’s not a fair competition, but DDG is gaining ground.

What happens if I add DuckDuckGo to Chrome?

DuckDuckGo does not support data synchronisation because it is a mobile-only browser. Also, because the browser is private, data syncing falls outside of its purview. Firefox, on the other hand, offers account login and syncing.

Why you should not use DuckDuckGo?

Privacy is the search engine’s main selling factor.

DuckDuckGo does not save any of your data or track your browsing or search history. Your information may not be shared with third parties, leaked, or used for marketing reasons.

What are the disadvantages of DuckDuckGo?

DDG ‘s revenue is still produced through advertising; therefore, you will still see visible advertisements in your searches. The distinction is that the advertising is not personalised for each user.

DDG has no viruses, malware, ransomware, or other forms of internet security.

Is DuckDuckGo part of the dark web?

DDG is a search engine for the dark web that is also available on the regular internet. 

DDG, unlike similar technology, safeguards your privacy. In other words, it does not collect or exchange any personally identifiable information about you. This is a good solution for increasing your online anonymity.

Is DuckDuckGo a Chinese company?

DuckDuckGo is a search engine firm based in the United States that was not included on the list of 59 apps that were banned earlier this week. If the condition excludes DuckDuckGo as a Chinese app, we may be looking at another scenario similar to WeTransfer.

How much does it cost to use DuckDuckGo?

People go to Duckduckgo in pursuit of greater privacy and less data misuse (or less danger of data breaches). But then they remember that DDG is also free.

Can I use Gmail on DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo Email Protection is essentially an email forwarding service, and you may keep using all of your old email accounts, including Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and others.

How do I get rid of DuckDuckGo?

  • change the Default Search Engine to whatever you wish to use.
  • Move down the list
  • click Go Duck Go (whose results are from Google),
  • followed by Remove at the bottom.

Is Firefox or DuckDuckGo better?

It does not support data synchronisation because it is only available on mobile devices. Furthermore, because the browser is private, data syncing falls outside of its purview. In contrast, Firefox supports account login and syncing

Who uses DuckDuckGo?

They don’t track users, thus getting an actual number is impossible. However, DDG said that as of November 2020, 80 million users used their search engine.

While DDG may appear to be the ideal solution for those concerned about their privacy, there are several advantages and disadvantages to using this alternative search engine.

Is DuckDuckGo spying?

DDG acknowledged the tracking, with CEO and Founder Gabriel Weinberg noting on Twitter that DDG search results, including adverts, are completely anonymous. “For ads, we collaborated with Microsoft to protect ad clicks,” he explained.

Does DuckDuckGo spy on people?

DDG claims to never collect, store, or share personal user information and to provide a more privacy-focused online experience free of third-party trackers. However, it turns out that you can’t have it all.

Is DuckDuckGo better than incognito?

Even if you use incognito mode, Google can save your searches, and companies, internet service providers, and governments can still monitor you across the internet.

DuckDuckGo is unique in that it does not save any of your browsing data and prevents trackers while you browse.

Is DuckDuckGo owned by Microsoft?

DDG ‘s search engine, it turns out, is powered by Microsoft’s own Bing search engine, and DDG ‘s deal with Microsoft includes demands that DDG not block Microsoft’s LinkedIn and Bing advertising domains. DDG CEO Gabriel Weinberg confirmed this in a tweet, writing,

Does DuckDuckGo hide your IP address?

Using DDG does not totally hide your online identity, as websites can still see your IP address. To conceal your IP address, you must use a proxy service such as Tor. Many people use Tor in conjunction with DDG to get a more private browsing experience.

Is DuckDuckGo like a VPN?

It is not the same as a VPN. It is a search engine that preserves your privacy by not selling your data when you use it. To discover more, visit our list of the best private search engines.

How much is DuckDuckGo worth?

DuckDuckGo stock is $904 million

The net value of DDG is estimated to be $904 million. Based on the published DDG statistics for the search engine’s daily, monthly, and annual revenue, the website’s estimated worth is presently $904 million.


The DuckDuckGo browser is relatively safe and provides significantly more privacy than standard browsers. Unlike Google, which collects and retains data and links it to your account to provide a personalised search result.

DDG privacy browser does not customise your search results and instead cleans away your search history.

Some of this growth can be attributed to DDG ‘s agreements with browsers such as Safari and Firefox. They have also collaborated with Linux operating systems and have native iOS and Android apps.