DIY Projects – Easy Home DIY Project Ideas & Designs

DIY Projects – Easy Home DIY Project Ideas & Designs



Home renovations help to personalize your space. They reflect your character and sense of style. They depict your requirements and way of life. DIY furniture and decor give a home more personality and charm. DIY projects are also a useful method to express one’s creativity, save money, and repurpose discarded and old goods. Here are some simple DIY project ideas and designs for your home that you could find useful.

  1. Floating Box Shelves

Floating shelves can be fitted in any room and are useful space savers. In addition to offering storage and display areas, shelves can be used to decorate a plain wall.

By positioning the minimalist box shelves in the corner rather than the conventional wall center, the installation of these shelves takes a startling and inventive turn.

  1. A soap dish made of concrete

An easy and quick DIY project is this elegant and lovely concrete soap dish. You can create several of these rustic bathroom additions with a bag of cement, some tinting paint, and an afternoon free. Be imaginative when using colors and shapes!

  1. Dollar Table Top

Add some flair to a worn-out, outdated table by covering it in coins. Arrange the coins with care, then apply epoxy glaze for a high-gloss and streamlined appearance. You may make patterns and one-of-a-kind designs using various currencies.

  1. Decorative wine cork curtain

This door screen is attractive and environmentally friendly. Do not discard used wine corks. Trash may be transformed into something vibrant and lovely, like this wine cork curtain. After being dipped in various colors, connecting hooks are used to join the corks.

  1. Hanging planter inside

Indoor plants brighten the space and aid to re-energize the air. By putting in an indoor herb garden, you can conveniently access the plants. This hanging planter offers the plants a convenient and secure location off the counters. The combination of wood, jute, and tin gives the space a light, rustic appearance.

  1. Plant Wall with Trellis

With these inventive trellis plant wall holders, you may spruce up your wall. Place the plants first, then a leather flowerpot holder and a wood trellis. a fantastic way to recycle used leather garments, belts, and bags.

  1. Bathroom rug made of stone

By using this DIY stone bathroom rug, you can give your bathroom a spa-like feel. Smooth stones are available for purchase at any hardware shop or, if there are sufficient nearby, you can gather them yourself. Place the clean, dry stones on a standard bathroom mat and adhere them there using a strong glue.

  1. A wall organizer for the bathroom

Functional, rustic, and simple home DIY project. Useful mudroom organizer made from recycled wood boards from old furniture or walls. An easy weekend afternoon DIY project can be finished at home. As necessary, add hooks, shelves, or drawers.

  1. A mosaic table made of CDs

Make a plain table more appealing with your used CDs! From unremarkable to sparkling, glittering, and outstanding! Slice CDs into chips with care, then arrange in a mosaic pattern on the tabletop. The CD chips should be adhered to the table using super glue. Epoxy resin should then be applied to the tabletop to complete the job. The harsh edges will be rounded off and the CDs’ sheen will be maintained.

  1. Vintage-style Mason Jars

Mason jars with a distressed aesthetic are classy, lovely, and endearing. They are also common in lots of simple DIY project concepts and designs for the home. Making your own collection of shabby chic jars is simple. Jars should first be painted for at least two coats in your favorite colors. paint, using acrylic. After let it dry, lightly touch the jars with sandpaper to achieve the distressed look.

  1. Country-style Blanket Ladder

decorative, practical, and stylish A common addition to bathrooms, bedrooms, and entryways is the blanket ladder. It stores several items, including jackets, blankets, and towels. Sand the wood to reveal its natural color and texture, then apply varnish for a hint of sheen to give the ladder its charmingly rustic appearance.

  1. Laundry Basket Stand

With this simple-to-build laundry basket stand, you can organize the mess in your laundry room without spending much money or taking up a lot of space. Build a customized basket stand for yourself using some wood boards and simple carpentry techniques. Locate the optimum location for it in your laundry room, gauge the area you have, and use it to build the stand. As many levels as necessary, add.

  1. Concrete Planters

Modern, stylish, and elegant describe concrete planters. Simply DIY it to give your house a trendy appeal for little money. You should mix the cement according to the directions on the bag, pour it into the mold (you can use standard bowls), and then set a smaller bowl within to form the inner hollow. After a full day of drying, remove from the mold and paint anyway you desire.

  1. Artwork made of reclaimed wood

Interesting, gorgeous, and creative Although it may take some time to finish, this simple home DIY project is also imaginative and affordable. When you can, use wood scraps. Slightly slanted wood squares are cut, then painted in a variety of colors. Burn the slanted plane with a blowtorch until the natural wood grains are clearly visible.

  1. Seashell Mirror

Create this fantastic, beachy, and lovely wall mirror frame for next to nothing. If there is a beach nearby, gather dried corals and seashells for this project. Several craft stores also sell the necessary supplies. Wash and dry the wood frame for the seashells with care. Put the shells in whatever order and placement you like using strong glue.

  1. Hallway Bench

This multipurpose bench is more than just a seat—a it’s useful and practical addition to any entrance or mudroom! It also boasts a comfortable seat, shoe shelves, and a spacious storage area. For this job, more sophisticated carpentry abilities are required.

  1. Gravelled Tin Planters

Don’t discard used tin cans. Instead, transform them into these stylish modern planters. Apply white gravel to the tins to give them a fashionable appearance. These planters are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and will complement your contemporary home decor.

  1. Candlesticks made of concrete

It’s very simple to construct these magnificent candle holders. Concrete, balloons, and some paints are required. Prior to coating the balloons with a thin layer of cement, leave a little area open and mix the cement as directed. Dry before popping the balloon. Choose the colors you want to use to paint the interior.

  1. Switch to Copper

Copper accents are opulent, elegant, and stunning. They are also rather costly. However, building your own copper collection is simple and inexpensive. Vases, used bottles, jars, and tins can be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary—from trash to stunning—with copper paint.

  1. Dresser in the bedroom

This project might need for a skilled carpenter, but it’s also a terrific do-it-yourself project for apartments or rooms that can’t fit regular-sized furniture. You get the most out of the space by making your own, which is space-efficient and customized according to needs and available space.

  1. Mirrors cut from logs

Simple, original, and engaging Add some unusual mirrors to liven up your walls! Cut the mirror in accordance with the grain of the wood, using a raw log slice as the base. The wood should first be cleaned, sanded, and varnished before being glued with the mirror. For best results, group at least three mirrors together.

  1. Spiral Gabion Planter

The plants will be raised in this spiral gabion planter, which will also offer your garden depth and shape. To complete it, you’ll need some steel mesh, rocks, and an open afternoon. Shape the gabion fence first, then fill it with pebbles and dirt for the planter. Finally, move some plants.

  1. Bottles with chalk painting

Modern, country, and stylish. These fashionable bottles go well with practically any decor style, including modern, Scandinavian, maximalist, coastal, rustic, and minimalist. You can recycle old bottles or use any bottle. The bottles should be well cleaned, cleaned with rubbing alcohol, and then painted with chalk paint in your favorite colors.

  1. Old-Books Stool

These unique, enjoyable, and colorful stools can be made from recycled books. The books should be properly stacked with the spines facing out and the top and sides flat. The hollow in the center can remain. Place the bound volumes on top of a solid piece of plywood or wood after adhering them together. For increased mobility, add furniture wheels and finish with a padded seat.

  1. Rope Basket

You may create stunning baskets by just adding jute rope. Rope can be wrapped over worn-out or ugly baskets to cover the defects and improve the appearance. Rope’s organic texture and appearance lend any space a touch of country charm. A length of jute rope, a glue gun, and some glue sticks are all you need.

  1. Outdoor Swing Bed

Swing beds are a cozy and calming addition to any backyard. You and your family will have a spot to unwind and enjoy your backyard thanks to this incredibly useful project. Two pallet blocks were put together, cleaned, and varnished. A strong rope or chain that will be fastened to the ceiling, a pergola, or a swing stand will be used to secure each corner. Include a thin mattress or bed foam to complete the swing bed.

  1. Floating Shelf with Secret Compartment

Every home ought to have a hidden storage area for jewels and significant goods. An interesting approach to conceal goods while making them accessible is with this floating shelf with a hidden section.

  1. Macrame Plant Hangers

With a touch of quirkiness, it is lovely and endearing. You can use plants to beautify the space using macrame plant hangers without taking up much floor space. It’s simple to learn how to tie knots, and you may make your own patterns.

  1. Shelves and Shadows

Another inventive shelf that you can make yourself is this one. In addition to adding much-needed shelving space, it also beautifies the wall. This project may be completed in a single day with the right tools and clever planning.

  1. Dog beds with built-ins

Our families are not complete without dogs or other animals. As a result, creating their own home for them will be an enjoyable undertaking for you. You only need the pallets, a few nails, and a day to construct these very economical and cute dog bunk beds. but your furry buddies will undoubtedly enjoy it.

  1. Cinder Block Garden

Small backyard gardening might be difficult. Go vertical to make the most of your available space! This cinder brick garden is inexpensive, simple to construct, and will give your garden structure and clarity. Just some paint, cinder blocks, and your favorite plants will do!

  1. Coffee Mug Rack

You only need a few pieces of wood, some carpentry know-how, paint, and an afternoon free to make this stylish and useful kitchen addition, a coffee cup rack. It will embellish a wall, remove the mugs from the countertops while keeping them accessible, and arrange them for proper display.

  1. Hanging table made of log slices

This rustic, lovely, and inventive hanging table is not only practical but also adaptable.

One can be installed as a side table in the living room, a nightstand, or even a small console for the entryway. Keep the sides of the log untrimmed and unpolished for a more natural appearance. The log can be varnished to shield it from the elements.

  1. Pergola and Hammock

Create a cozy, secluded space in your garden where you can unwind, read a book, take a sleep, or simply take in the views and sounds of your landscape. The cost and difficulty of assembling this pergola and hammock combo are both low. However, it’s possible that you’ll need assistance setting up the pergola.

  1. Plastic spoon planters

With this plastic spoon planter DIY project, you can use a dull afternoon or weekend to get some work done while transforming waste into something lovely and practical. Instead of throwing away discarded plastic spoons, gather them and utilize them in this simple yet imaginative craft. An average plastic planter, cleaned pslatic spoons, scissors or cutters, a glue gun, and glue sticks are all necessary.

  1. A Nightstand with Old Books

An original, truly odd, and brilliant idea to make something useful out of old books. Instead of throwing away your old, useless books, save them and use them to make this stunning nightstand. A can of spray paint and some glue are all that are need to assemble the books.

  1. Old Tire Swing

Old tyre swings have existed since the creation of tires. They are engaging, secure, affordable, and useful toys for youngsters. In your backyard, provide a tyre swing for the youngsters. You’ll need a used automobile tire opposing points. To suspend the tire, use chains or strong rope.

  1. Driftwood Room Divider

Make something beautiful and useful out of the driftwood you find lying about. Clean up the items, group them by size and form, and allow them to air dry. To a solid wood slab base, nail them. You can varnish, paint, or just let the beauty of the wood speak for itself.

  1. Kitchen Produce Rack

Organizer, storage, and container. Additionally equipped with wheels, this produce rack for the kitchen is portable, adaptable, and easier to use. Even amateur carpenters can assemble this due to how simple it is to do.

  1. A textile wall hanging

Want to spruce up a plain wall with a colorful and distinctive wall accent? This gorgeous wall accent is simple to build and takes no time at all! Just a few vibrant textiles, a wood stick, glue, and some thread are required. Cut the fabrics at random, arrange them to create a special pattern, and then glue them to the stick. Hold and finish!

  1. PVC Garden

In addition to saving you garden area, PVC gardening is a fantastic method to define your backyard or adorn an outdoor wall.

Cut holes all over a huge PVC pipe, leaving enough room between each one for the dirt and plants to fit inside. Install it against a wall or the ground, then fill the PVC with earth. Through the gaps, plant.

  1. A daybed outside

Your verandah or porch will become more inviting and comfortable if you add a day bed to it. For this project, you can reuse wood and other materials. Add a couple colorful pillows to finish off the cozy nook appearance!

  1. Traditional rope and tyre ottomans

Don’t throw away your old tires because they will simply end up in pits for all time; rubber tires can last a lifetime. Make something lovely and practical out of them instead, like these rustic ottomans. Simply clean and dry the old tires. All you have to do is wrap them with sisal or jute rope! Excellent for indoor and outdoor use.

  1. Pegboard Wall Organizers

Trendy, fashionable, practical, and clever. These pegboard wall organizers are adaptable and portable; you can move the boards from one wall to another and modify the pegs and shelves to suit your needs. An excellent way to decorate a blank wall and organize at the same time.

  1. Couch Tables

In today’s houses and way of life, where most people work and eat comfortably in their living rooms, frequently while watching television, these compact tables are important. The tabletop and base can both be made out of the same wood. Utilize a L support bracket to stabilize the top. The metal pipe stand emphasizes the tables’ industrial design.

  1. Garden in a Ladder

Have a gardening addiction? With the help of this striking garden ladder, you can bring your favorite plants inside or onto your porch. A ladder can be made from a few pieces of wood by even novices. a wonderful method to display lovely blossoms and foliage and to use plants to beautify your home.

  1. An image wall

The most romantic and lovely DIY project for the home is this one. Gather your family’s and loved ones’ most important and unforgettable pictures, then place them in a huge picture frame. Stopping by the wall and revisiting those memories each time will never get old.

  1. House Number

Create and personalize your own house number to make it genuinely unique. This personalized house number has a flower box and the family name. Use leftover or recycled wood, paint, and your preferred flowers to make your own.

  1. Recycling Crate Shelving

Organize clutter in the garage or backyard with these recycled crate box shelves. This easy home DIY project only requires a few recycled crates and some paint. To make the shelves, simply nail the crate boxes together, paint them, and you’re done!

  1. Popsicle Stick Wall Art

Unable to use a hammer? With this simple DIY project, that is not an issue. For this popsicle stick wall decoration project, switch into your craftiest mode. Popsicle sticks, a glue gun, a few glue sticks, paint or varnish, and a lot of imagination are all you’ll need. No pounding necessary; just enjoy yourself!