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Belk Stores
Belk Stores

Belk, Inc. is an American department store business founded in 1888 in Monroe, North Carolina by William Henry Belk, with approximately 300 stores in 16 states.

Belks locations and sell clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, home furnishings, and wedding registry items.

About Belk

Belk was founded in 1888 in Monroe, North Carolina by two brothers.

Though the Belks family is no longer the company’s CEO, the retailer maintains its original commitment to excellence and quality.

Belks utilizes hundreds of brands to deliver shoppers nothing but the greatest apparel and accessories with each purchase, with an ever-expanding catalog and new opportunities to browse every day. is their official website.

Belk App

The app reimagines department store shopping.

The Belks app has a wide range of fits, sizes, and styles in every category, including men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel and shoes, as well as purses, gowns, and home.

In addition, there is a bigger assortment of designer apparel, beauty, accessories, and scent.

You may even save your favorite products for subsequent purchase.

What is a Belk Credit Card?

A Belk credit card is a type of retail credit card that gives cash back on Belks purchases.

Belks credit cards are available in two varieties:

  • The Belk Rewards Card
  • The Belk Rewards Mastercard®

The Belks Rewards Mastercard® and Belk Rewards Card both have two upgrade editions: Premier and Elite.

All Belks credit cards are issued by Synchrony Bank and have an APR of 25.49 percent.

One disadvantage of the card is its high APR, as carrying a balance on a Belk credit card can quickly accumulate interest charges.

A Synchrony Bank Belk credit card is available to regular consumers.

The card comes with perks including cash back and contactless technology.

Synchrony Bank offers five payment alternatives after you’ve used the card to make Belks purchases: online, through the app, by mail, over the phone, or in-store.

Top Belk Coupons for Today
  • Additional 40% Off
  • Additional 50% Off Home Total Offers
Total Offers15
Coupon Codes4
Best Discount65% Off
Free Shipping Deals1
Average Savings$11.29
Best Belk Sales Now Available

It has a large selection of the latest department store clothes and accessories to fit any lifestyle.

They has something for everyone, from basic cosmetics and personal care products to designer jewelry and watches.

How to Save at Belk

Scan Cyber Week Ads

Check both the real and online Cyber Week advertising this year to save big. On practically every other page, you’ll find dozens of coupons. Keep a look out for up to 75% off in categories such as home, gadgets, shoes, and more. Read all the way to the end!

Get $10 When You Sign Up For Email

Join Belk’s email list at the bottom of their homepage to receive exclusive deals and discounts in your inbox. New subscribers receive a $10 off $20 purchase coupon, which can be used with other offers.

Belk Rewards Credit Card

Open a Belks Rewards Credit Card account to receive an additional 20% off coupon on “virtually anything,” as well as $10 in Belk Reward money.

Use these rewards to make a purchase during Cyber Week.

Home Sale

Enter the coupon “HOPPYHOME” to receive up to 60% off home products.

Discounts vary by item, but in general, buyers will receive a 60% discount on certain Belk brands, a 50% discount on select national brands, and a 30% discount on select designer goods.

You can save up to 60% off.

With the promo code “GETHOPPY,” you can save up to 60% off select brand online purchases at Belks.

Should I Apply for a Belk Credit Card?

FinanceJar’s Viewpoint

If you are a frequent Belk client who will profit from the cashback rewards, you should only apply for a Belk scredit card.

Because the incentives are in the form of store certificates that expire after a year, they are ineffective unless you make frequent Belks purchases.

Many borrowers might benefit more from a typical rewards credit card that offers cashback on shopping and everyday purchases. Most major credit card rewards are redeemable for cash or statement credit and do not expire as long as your credit card account is active.

What is a Belk credit card for?

While anyone can apply for a Belk credit card, it is best suited to the following borrowers:

  • Belk Avid Shoppers: As noted earlier, the rewards program is pointless for anyone that doesn’t regularly shop at Belk.

If you buy at Belk frequently, though, the incentives are substantial, especially if you spend enough to upgrade your card to a Premier or Elite edition.

  • Anyone planning a large Belk purchase:

By adding a hard inquiry to your credit report, for example, opening a new credit card can have a (temporary) negative impact on your credit score.

Except for the momentary impact on your credit, there are no risks to acquiring a Belk credit card.

So, if you’re going to make a big Belk buy, you might as well get a card and take advantage of the welcome bonuses—

—a $10 gift card and a 20% discount on your first day of card ownership.

How to Apply for a Belk Credit Card Online
  • Begin by applying for a Belk credit card at
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Apply for a Belk Rewards credit card.”
  • On the following page, enter your personal information.
  • Your first and last name, mailing address, phone number, and email address are all included.
  • In addition, you must provide your Social Security number, date of birth, and annual net income.
  • Choose “Continue.”

You will be approved, denied, or asked for more information.

  • After you’ve been approved, visit to redeem your Belks rewards, manage your credit account, and shop.
Other Ways to Apply for a Belk Credit Card

You can apply for a Belks credit card in person if you do not want to apply online. Speak with an employee and let them know you’d want to apply for a card. You will be asked to provide photo identification.

Belk Credit Card Requirements Sign Up

Card registration determines Belks Credit Card Activation. It’s been up and running since you enrolled your Belks credit card. An account, on the other hand, is always created with the primary account goal in mind.

Because the focus of this online account will be on managing credit cards and their scorers, the account will require the following information:

  • Credit Card Number
  • Credit Card ExpiryDate
  • Your credit card’s ground name, which will then be put exactly as seen in the registration column
  • Your primary SSN/TIN A smartphone or a laptop/desktop computer
How to Register Belk Credit Card

Registering for a Belk credit card looks to be the only viable choice.

Belks credit card activation and Belks credit card registration are same.

Remember that by registering your credit card online, you have effectively activated it.

This is the procedure for registering your Belk credit card.

  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Scroll down to find the Registration Link, which is just below the login short form on the screen.
  • Enter your social security number/TIN, credit card information, and mobile phone number.
  • •Click Continue if you have a cellular number; otherwise, click Cancel.
  • Check the box next to “I don’t have a Mobile Number.”
  • Fill out the registration form with your name, address, and employment information right now.
  • After finishing the first page, click Continue.
Belk Credit Card Application

A credit card ensures that the account looks good on the outside and that the online account registration process goes smoothly.

If you do not have a credit card but would want to open an online account, please diverge from the standard method and apply here right away.

If you do not have a credit card, you will be unable to access the internet platform.

Follow these steps to apply for a Belk Credit Card:

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to the previously specified page.
  2. Select “Not a Cardholder? Apply Now!” from the drop-down menu underneath the login form.
  3. Complete the credit card application form with the necessary information.
  4. Open a credit card account before returning to open an online account for
  5. Paying precisely as instructed
  6. Examining your profits
  7. Reviewing your e-statements and credit card transactions
  8. Locating nearby Belk stores
  9. Transferring accumulated funds and redeeming points
  10. Making online payments, particularly while purchasing on the internet
  11. Paying without a credit card
Belks Credit Card Login with Mobile

Your credit card transactions can be tracked using your smartphone.

It appears to be the most portable method of accessing the platform, and thus the least stressful method of logging in to the account.

Always remember to turn on your data connection when you need to log in.

If your services are inconsistent or slow, contact the Support Service.

Here’s more information on each payment method.

How to Make an Online Belk Credit Card Payment

Synchrony Bank offers two ways to pay your Belk credit card online.

One of the alternatives allows you to make a payment without logging into an internet account. This is how it’s done:

  • Go to your Belk credit card’s account management page.
  • Choose “Pay as a Guest.”
  • Enter your card number, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and your billing ZIP code.
  • Follow the procedures on the screen to complete the payment.
Get Credit Card Benefits

The other online payment option requires registration. Begin by entering your account number and billing ZIP code. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration. You can then log in, enter your bank account information, and make payments.

How to Use the App to Make a Belk Credit Card Payment

The Belk app, which is available for both Android and Apple cellphones, allows you to pay from nearly any location.

This is how it’s done:

  • Download the Belk app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Open the Belk app on your phone.
  • Sign up for online account access if you haven’t already.
  • Enter the username and password you set up when you first downloaded the program.
  • Go to the “Payments” tab.
  • To complete your payment, follow the on-screen instructions.
How To Make a Belk Credit Card Payment by Mail

You can also mail your Belk credit card payment.

Make a check or money order payable to Belk for the desired amount.

With your payment, include the payment coupon from your billing statement.

If you don’t have a coupon, simply write your account number on the check or money order. All correspondence should be sent to: Synchrony Bank/Belk P.O. Box 530940 Atlanta, GA 30553-0940

If payments are not filed appropriately, they can be delayed for up to five days. How to Make a Phone Payment on a Belk Credit Card

Paying your Belk credit card over the phone is straightforward. Before you begin, obtain your checking account number and bank routing information, then proceed as follows:

  • Dial 800-669-6550 to contact the automated system.
  • Enter or speak your Belk credit card number.
  • Finish your payment by following the on-screen prompts.
  • Please bear in mind that speedier phone payments will incur a fee.
How To Make a Belk Credit Card Payment in a Store

At a Belk store, you can pay with your credit card. Use the store locator function on Belk’s website to find the nearest store to you. When you arrive at the store, proceed to the customer service desk to make your payment.

Avoiding Late Fees

Paying your Belk credit card statement on time each month will help you avoid late fees. Payments must be received by 5 p.m. EST on the date indicated on your billing statement. If you pay after the deadline, you will be charged a $29 late fee unless you have had a late fee within the previous six billing cycles. The late fee will be $40 at that point.

  • Generous new cardmember signup bonus
  • 20 unique savings events each year
  • Bonus rewards events throughout the year
  • Cardholder savings day of the month
  • Receipt-free returns
  • Some benefits are only available to higher-tier cards
  • The standard APR is quite high
  • After your points total hits 1,000, you must wait up to three billing cycles to obtain prizes.
  • Rewards are valid for a year and are limited to $100 each payment cycle.
  • Fair credit or a limited credit history is recommended.
Belk Credit Card: Excellent Rewards for High-Spending Customers

Belk was founded in 1888 as a department store.

There are around 300 Belk locations in 16 states, and these stores provide a wide range of merchandise, including men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel; items for the bedroom and bathroom; home furnishings; beauty; jewelry and accessories; and more.

Belk, like many other department stores, has its own credit card system.

These Mastercards can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, not just at Belk stores and on

The card you qualify for is decided by how much you spend at Belk each year, but each card gives very generous benefits to customers who shop at Belk shops.

Belk Credit Card Advantages

Benefits of the Belk Rewards Credit Card

Although the Belks Rewards Card is the entry-level card for consumers who spend up to $599 a year at Belks stores, it still offers many of the same benefits, such as 20% off all purchases on the day of account approval (home goods and shoes are only eligible for 15 percent off).

When you make a purchase on the day of approval, you’ll also get $10 in Belks reward dollars (good for $10 in purchases), making it a fantastic first day as a cardholder.

You will also receive:

  • 3% in rewards at Belks or; 2% in gas and grocery purchases; and 1% anywhere Mastercard is accepted (1,000 points = $10 in Belk reward money).
  • 20 exclusive savings events per year, including special days with additional discounts (for example, on Belk’s Girls’ Night Out, cardholders can save 25% on women’s or junior’s clothes with limited quantities).
  • Returns without a receipt for card purchases
  • Monthly cardholder savings day and extra incentive events
Belk Near Me

Department store in Greenville, North Carolina

Service options: In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup

Located in: Greenville Mall

Address: 714 Greenville Blvd SE, Greenville, NC 27858, United States

Hours: Opens 10AM ·

Health and safety: Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits · Safety dividers at checkout · 

Phone: +1 252-355-8000

Department store in Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Service options: In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup

Located in: Golden East Crossing

Address: 1100 N Wesleyan Blvd #9101, Rocky Mount, NC 27804, United States

Belks Hours: Opens 10AM ·

Health and safety: Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits · Safety dividers at checkout · 

Phone: +1 252-977-2355

Other Belk Department Store include:

  • Department store in Lumberton, North Carolina
  • Department store in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Department store in Virginia
  • Department store in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Department store in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Department store in Winchester, Virginia
  • Department store in Columbia, South Carolina
Frequently Asked Questions About the Belk Credit Card

How can I cancel a Belk purchase?

Please contact us at Belk Customer or 1-866-235-5443.

Where can I access my Belk statement online?

They’re just like the paper statements you get every month, but in an electronic format that you can see and save online.

How long does it take for a package to arrive from Belk?

Shipping Information for Belk.

When you choose Standard Shipping, most items will be delivered between 3-15 calendar days after your order’s receipt.

This applies to all orders placed within the contiguous 48 states of the United States.

Does Walmart price match?

Belk will match the price of identical items from Kohl’s, JCPenney, Dillard’s, and Macy’s.

I contacted Belk to inquire about their price match policy.

They will match the cheaper price after they have confirmed it (including clearance priced items).

How long do I have to return something to Belk?

Belk Return policy: Must be returned within 90 days of purchase with receipt, packing slip, or order confirmation email.

The whole purchase price will be refunded to the original form of payment.

All purchases are final sale and are not returnable or exchangeable.

Can I check my Belk gift card balance online?

The best way to check the balance of your Belk gift card is online.

You must visit their website, select “CHECK YOUR BALANCE,” and enter your gift card number and pin number.

How do I get a Belk credit card?

A Belk credit card application can be completed online.

You will be given priority consideration for a Belk Rewards Mastercard®.

If your credit score does not qualify you for the card, you will be considered for the Belk Rewards Card instead.

Which stores accept the Belk credit card?

A Belk Rewards Card can only be used in Belk stores and online.

The Belk Rewards Mastercard® can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

How do I settle my Belk bill?

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Navigate to the account management page for your Belk credit card.
  • Select “Pay as a Guest.”
  • Enter your card number, your Social Security number’s last four digits, and your billing ZIP code.
  • To finalize the payment, follow the steps on the screen.

Why is Belk going out of business?

“The COVID-19 epidemic immediately resulted in severe decreases in sales, income, and cash,” stated William Langley, Belk’s chief financial officer, in a statement released in conjunction with the bankruptcy filing.

Where is the largest Belk store?

The chain’s largest shop, with over 336,414 square feet, is located in SouthPark Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina (31,253.9 m2).

The business opened in 1970 as one of the mall’s first anchor retailers.

The Belk and Ivey families collaborated in the mall’s development.

Does Belk have senior discount?

When is Belk’s Senior Day?

Every month on the first Tuesday, Belk Senior Day is held. Shoppers aged 55 and up receive a 15% discount on their purchase.

Can you combine coupons at Belk?

Yes, you can use multiple coupons at Belk.

Customer Service at Belk?

During these hours, customer help is available. Do you require assistance after hours? See our Belk FAQs or drop us a note at any time. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (EST).

For information on returning these items, please contact Customer Service at 1-866-235-5443.


If you regularly shop at Belk and don’t care the restrictions on how you can receive rewards, the Belk Rewards Mastercard could be a good choice for you. Keep in mind that reward points expires after a year that can only be used for purchases.

Belk has a consumer rating of 1.59 stars based on 266 reviews, showing that the majority of buyers are disappointed with their purchases. Customers who complain about them most typically report issues with customer service, credit cards, and return shipping. Belk is ranked 217th in the General Apparel category.